Tankered waste

Tankered trade waste

Our Tankered Trade Waste Team work with waste water collection providers to dispose of industrial waste water in the safe and compliant way. We operate 7 tankered trade waste reception sites across our region treating a wide range of industrial effluents.

Apply for approval

To get approval for you discharge of waste, you'll need to complete an application form.

Please download and complete the discharge application form [Microsoft Word document], then email the completed form to the team.

You can download an application guidance document [PDF] to help you complete the form.


Where you can discharge commercial liquid waste

Technical Competence

As part of the Environmental Permits at our Bioresources Treatment Hubs we must comply with the requirements of a Defra & Welsh Government approved competence scheme, in order to demonstrate technical competence in our operations.

Severn Trent comply with the Energy & Utility Skills Competence Management System.

Read our current Certificate, and Technical Competence Policy document below.

Tankered domestic waste

As well as trade wastes we also provide disposal services for waste collection providers who serve domestic customers not connected to our sewage network.

We accept disposal of cess pools, septic tanks and chemical toilets at specific sites across our region.

In order to dispose of domestic waste we need you to complete an initial enquiry form [PDF] and fill out a credit application form [PDF].

We'll process your application as soon as possible and if successful we will provide you with:

  • a registration certificate
  • logger access fobs for your vehicle fleet

You will be approved and provided access to discharge domestic waste only.

You should contact the tankered trade waste team if you want to dispose of trade waste.


You can discharge domestic waste collected from:

  • cesspools
  • septic tanks
  • chemical toilets

You can’t discharge any waste derived from commercial or industrial processes or customers.

You must go through a different approval process to discharge commercial waste at our treatment sites.

Only some of our sites are equipped to handle commercial waste.


There is a standing charge of £10.99 that applies to each tanker load discharged. 

Price is then calculated based on the strength and cubic metreage of the waste that you need to discharge.

All liquid domestic waste is measured by a logging device that calculates its volume and strength.

Waste strength is based on the amount of non-dissolved solids in the liquid waste. 

Prices from 1 April 2024

Waste strength Non-dissolved solids (mg/l) Price (per cubic metre)
Weak Under 2,000 £3.21
Standard 2,001 to 9,000 £10.87
High 9,001 to 20,000 18.94
Strong 20,001 plus 28.01
Standing charge Per transaction £10.99

All prices are zero rated for VAT. This means the liquid waste is still VAT-taxable, but the rate of VAT we charge you is 0%, however we still must record that information in our accounts.


Prices up to 31 March 2024

Waste strength Non-dissolved solids (mg/l) Price (per cubic metre)
Weak 2,000 or less £3.06
Standard 2,001 to 9,000 £10.35
High 9,001 to 20,000 £18.04
Strong 20,001 or more £26.68
Standing charge Per transaction £10.47

Prices up to 31 March 2023

Waste strength Non-dissolved solids (mg/l) Price (per cubic metre)
Weak 2,000 or less £2.89
Standard 2,001 to 9,000 £9.76
High 9,001 to 20,000 £17.02
Strong 20,001 or more £25.17
Standing charge For each load £9.47

Events waste

Music festivals, country fairs, motorsport events. All great summer traditions, and all great producers of liquid waste. Every year hundreds of these events take place across our region, which is why we work closely with event organisers and their contractors to help them handle their waste water challenges.

Sludge trading

We're open for business!

Our regulator Ofwat is changing its regulatory approach for the treatment sludge and Water and Waste Water companies are now able to import and export sludges without boundaries.

If you need sludge treatment capability, our live sludge capacity tracker shows available space at our Bioresources treatment hubs.

Our capacity data is updated daily at 8am and shows how much waste is being processed at each site, as well as how much space we have for more waste at any point over the next 7 days.

Contact our team

Want to know more about tankered trade waste?

Call 0345 608 0107 or email us and our commercial business team will be happy to help.