Severn Trent 2023 Sustainability Report Highlights

Introduction from our CEO

Welcome to our Sustainability Report 2023 highlights page

With each passing year our purpose, ‘taking care of one of life’s essentials’, seems to grow in importance. In parallel the thirst grows for knowledge of how we are progressing on our sustainability journey.

With a growing sense of urgency to address the environmental and societal issues we face, the past year has been focused on delivering against our objectives. I’m proud of the progress we have made on some of our most material challenges and opportunities. I believe it is diligent delivery in these areas of materiality that will ultimately set us apart from those that ‘talk the talk’ to those that ‘walk the walk’. This page takes the challenges and opportunities presented in the actual report and provides further insight. I invite you to delve into our work to impact both our environment and society. For those of you out there that like to get stuck into the numbers, our ESG data book is packed full of interesting facts and figures related to our commitments. Thank you for taking the time to go through our 2023 Sustainability Report and web page and taking an interest in how we take care of one of life’s essentials.  

Performance driven, sustainability led

As a purpose-led organisation, we strive to do business the right way ‘taking care of one of life’s essentials’ for the long term.

Our strategy is built on the fundamental belief that the right long-term balance between society and the environment helps us achieve the financial and operational performance that our stakeholder’s expect.

Read our 2023 Sustainability Report to get a view into our business which combines ambition with genuine delivery in the areas we know to be most important for our stakeholders.

It is also supported by our standalone ESG Data Book which includes our GRI, SASB, PAI and SDG disclosures.

Commonwealth Games Partnership

We were proud to be the Official Nature and Carbon Neutral partner of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. The Games set a bold ambition: to create a ‘carbon neutral legacy’ for the first time in the history of the event. Through the partnership, we were able to build a sustainable legacy that will continue to serve the people of our region well into the future. Watch our highlights video below or read through our stories in our latest Sustainability Report to see how our partnership formed a key part of this bold ambition.

Our Approach

Sustainability Framework

Our Sustainability Framework draws together our environmental, social, and governance ambitions, helping us articulate how we deliver our Purpose and align our actions to key priorities.  
From planning and strategy stages through to implementation and assessment, governance is key in delivering on the ambitious goals set in our Sustainability Framework. We continue to push our targets and improve our measurement capabilities to deliver more robust results, drive accountability and inform our roadmap going forward. 

Being a company you can trust

Taking care of the environment

Helping People to thrive

Case Studies

Being a company you can trust

Taking care of the environment

Helping people to thrive

Our most material issues

With so many challenges facing our sector and humanity, it is more important than ever for us to focus our efforts on the issues that are most material to our business and our stakeholders.

By setting ambitious targets, laying out our action plans, and improving our data collection standards, we can remain accountable to our stakeholders and report accurately and transparently on our progress.

Find out more about how we identified our most material issues.

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