Asset intelligence and Innovation

We must continue to evolve and improve how we take care  of one of life's essentials.

As well as continue to evolve as a company and also how we take care of our customers. This led us to develop our innovation strategy.

In our Asset Intelligence and Innovation strategy document, we explain:

Our Approach

We want to solve the challenges we have today as well as find answers to some of our industry's bigger, long-term challenges.

By managing risks, keeping the financial books in check, and prioritising sustainability, we can address some of our key operational issues and long-term strategic challenges, such as our commitment to our Triple Carbon pledge and achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Our short term areas for innovation include:

Our Innovation Eco-system

Our Focus Areas

Submit your innovation ideas and collaborate with us

We believe that we can be more innovative in collaboration with others.  

We would welcome technology providers and partners to work with us on the innovation challenges we have described. 

If you’ve got ideas or solutions that meet our challenges please share them with us. If it’s got promise, we could collaborate on the idea with you to make it a reality.

Our project showcase

An overview of past and future projects driving forward progress towards meeting customer commitments and sustainability goals.

Innovation in action: delivering performance.

Delivering outcomes our customers care about

Hand in hand with nature

Severn Trent’s urban wastewater strategy