Product quality

Water is a vital need for everyone on the planet. It’s critically important that we make sure the water we provide to the 8 million people in our region is clean, safe to drink, and available when they need it.





Serving millions of customers every day

We love bringing our wonderful product to millions of our customers every day. Which is why our teams work incredibly hard, 24 hours a day, 52 weeks a year to make sure our customers’ taps continue to flow and their waste water is safely taken away.

We continue to invest in our people and infrastructure, so we can secure the safe distribution and treatment of water for generations to come.





Improving our processes

We know that our approach is working as we continue to make improvements in drinking water quality. But we know we still need to do more to meet the commitments we made to our customers and to drive further improvements in the future.

We’ve seen marked improvements in zones where we’ve increased our proactive flushing and cleaning programmes. We’ll continue to target this activity in the areas where it will have the greatest impact. 

These areas might be slightly different to normal as the impacts of the reduced commercial activity in some zones reduces the natural conditioning process.



Quality management system

We’re constantly looking for ways we can improve efficiency and best practice in all that we do, and we’re very proud to have received several industry accreditations in this area.



Operational control centre

Our operational control centre looks after our water and waste network, ensuring water is always on supply to our customers. Our operational control centre is certified to follow the standards and guidelines in ISO9001.

This ensures the centre has a framework for continual progression and that the skills of department staff are continually evaluated. The certification ensures clear accountability through internal and external auditing, with continuous improvement actions in areas of the highest environmental risk.

Analytical services

Our in-house laboratories and sampling team hold ISO17025 accreditation.

This covers the collection of clean water samples, and the biological and chemical testing we carry out. This makes sure we take samples that are representative of our product, and provides assurance about the accuracy and validity of the analysis we carry out. 

Severn Trent Green Power

Our Green Power business is ISO 14001 CERTIFIED and the sites are ISOQAR to ensure we are consistently in compliance with these standards.