Creating an awesome place to work

We’re a team of over 7000 employees based across 120 locations, each play their part to provide clean water and waste water removal to over 4.6 million homes and business across the heart of the UK.





Quest: our employee engagement measure

Each year our team members take part in Quest, our employee engagement survey.

In 2020/21, 90% of employees took part in the survey.

We received our highest ever Quest  engagement score of 8.3 out of 10.



Gender equality

In 2020 we were ranked 2nd in the Hampton-Alexander review of FTSE100 women in leadership, with more than a third of our senior leaders being women.

We are one of just eight FTSE100 companies with a female CEO and one of two FTSE 100 companies with more women than men on its Board.

These women represent the next generation of female leaders and show that having strong role models in leadership positions really makes a difference, not just for us but the sector as a whole - inspiring current employees as well as demonstrating an inclusive culture to potential employees.

Each year we produce our gender pay gap report, showing the difference between the average hourly pay for men and women across all ages, roles and levels of the business.



Tapping into the region's potential

In 2019 we published our Skills Tap report, written in partnership with the Social Mobility Pledge. The report details how we have put apprenticeships at the heart of our long-term business strategy.

In a bid to support people from all backgrounds, we visit schools to talk about our education programmes, graduate and apprenticeship schemes, in areas of low social mobility. We aim to encourage young people from areas where opportunities are less readily available to work for us and in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics industries.

These areas of reduced opportunities are known as social mobility cold spots. 

A third of the nation’s social mobility cold spots are in the communities we serve, so we have a great chance to make a real difference and create opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be there.

Diversity and inclusion

All our training, promotion and career development processes are in place for all our employees to access, regardless of their race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, race, sexual-orientation, age or disability.

We're passionate about putting customers at the heart of everything we do. We want our workforce to be reflective of the communities we serve, so creating an inclusive environment is very important to us.

The provision of occupational health programmes is of crucial importance to Severn Trent with the aim of keeping our employees fit, healthy and well, including an employee assistance program.

We are fully committed to supporting applications made by people with disabilities, and make reasonable adjustments to their environment where possible, to create a workplace that suits their needs.

If any employee becomes disabled during their time with us, we will re-train that employee and make reasonable adjustments to their work environment where possible, to keep them in employment with us.

We have set up a working group who will be focusing on the practical steps we can make to ensure we are removing barriers from the recruitment process and career progression. 

We aim to embed best practice in our approach to improving Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) representation as we create a truly diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can reach their full potential.




The provision of occupational health programmes, including an employee assistance program, is of crucial importance to us and our desire to keep our employees fit, healthy and well. 

Our commitment to attracting talented people, whatever their background or circumstances, means that we support those with a disability or health condition by providing equipment and adjustments to ensure they can reach their full potential.

If any employee becomes disabled during their time with us, we will re-train them and make reasonable adjustments to their work environment, where possible, to keep them in employment with us.

We have signed up to the Government's Disability Confident Scheme and have formed a disability working group with representatives from across the organisation, who come together to highlight opportunities to create an accessible and inclusive environment for our colleagues.



LGBTQ+ support network

We value diverse thinking and an inclusive culture.  We know that diverse teams are more innovative, consider a broader range of options, make more informed decisions and drive better outcomes for the business.

There is a well-established LGBTQ+ network here who work with the leadership teams across the organisation to drive an inclusive culture that we're proud of.

Since 2017, the network has worked in partnership with Stonewall to become a diversity champion, updating our policies and procedures to be more inclusive. 

We've introduced LGBTQ+ messages to our Twitter and Facebook channels, which has enabled us to show our support to customers and wider communities, sharing photos, videos and posts of our team members attending Pride events all over our region and openly celebrating Pride in our offices.


Employee benefits

We understand everyone’s needs are different, so we have a flexible benefits platform which allows our employees to select which benefits work best for them.

To help our employees with childcare commitments, we offer tax savings on childcare vouchers, flexible working, and the option to buy or sell up to a week of extra annual leave.

All this is underpinned by maternity, paternity, adoption and career break polices which go to above and beyond the statutory requirements.

The mental and physical wellbeing of all of our employees is very important to us so we provide an Employee Assistance Programme –a free and confidential support service designed to give employees unlimited access to information, advice and emotional support –income protection and personal accident cover.

In addition, employees can select a range of healthcare benefits from our Lifestyle platform including, cycle to work schemes, discounted gym membership and our Healthcare Cash Plan which provides a range of health insurance options for employees and their family members, as well as a 24 hour virtual GP service.

With up to two paid volunteering days and charitable giving through payroll, we support our employees in giving something back to our communities too.


Employee rights

We have a strong partnership across three trade union groups; Unison, GMB and Unite, and we come together to discuss the areas that are most important and impactful for the majority of the workforce. An important function of the Company and Business Forum covers collective bargaining between the Company and its recognised Trade Unions.

Any agreements which require substantive changes in pay and other conditions of employment are referred to the Company Forum for approval. This function covers all employees excluding middle and senior managers and all employees of Severn Trent Business Services.

We recognise the right of all employees to Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining. We actively seek to promote positive co-operation between employees, our management team and recognised Trade Unions, ensuring all groups are represented in any major change initiative.

We meet with our Trade Unions on a quarterly basis at the Employee Forum, and see mutual benefit in sharing information with our colleagues and seek their feedback and suggestions.

We believe this fosters a common understanding of business needs and helps to deliver joint solutions with a shared agenda of making our business successful.

As well as enabling time to attend these forums we are also very supportive in providing Company time for Trade Union reps to support individual employees through difficult situations such as disciplinary, grievance, performance and prolonged period of absences. Externally we enable attendance at trade union conferences, membership recruitment activities and dedicated training for new representatives.

Our Employee Forum provides an invaluable opportunity for engagement with the whole workforce to ensure workforce views are taken into account.

To enable workforce matters to be considered at Board level, Non-Executive Directors regularly attend the Company Forum.

In 2019, the Company Forum has supported the expansion of female showers at operational sites, disability passports, dying to work charter and modernised laundry facilities on waste related sites. 

Unison complemented our workforce engagement activity at their conference earlier this year. 24% of our employees have told us that they choose to contribute to recognised trade unions (GMB, Unite, Unison) through their salary. Actual membership figures cannot be confirmed as employees can also choose to pay their union membership via direct debit.


We also ensure we help all employees keep an eye on the future.

We offer a market-leading defined contribution pension scheme and double contributions that our employees make, up to a maximum of 15% of salary, regardless of their level or seniority.

As our people approach retirement we provide education and support to help them plan for the next stage of their lives.





Many of our employees are also shareholders.

We offer employees the opportunity to participate in our Sharesave scheme.

74% of our employees are active participants in our Sharesave scheme which gives employees an opportunity to save up to £500 per month over three to five years, with the option to buy Severn Trent Plc shares at a discounted rate at the end of the period.

Owning a stake in the company encourages employee engagement and reinforces our strong performance culture. The scheme enables employees to share in our long-term success and aligns participants with external shareholder interests.




New talent

We want to recruit the brightest and best new talent and give our teams the opportunity to develop and thrive within our business.



The New Talent strategy

Our New Talent strategy determines that our intake numbers each year are based on workforce planning activity.

This approach means that we can offer permanent opportunities to those on our New Talent Programmes, as well as ensuring we are investing in the skills we need for the future.

A large organisation like ours always wants new faces and bright ideas. Each year our workforce needs change as we experience retirements, turnover, and future skills requirements.

This means that our intake numbers per year change rather than having a standard intake, so that we can react to business changes and new programmes can be introduced based on skills requirements.

This helps to ensure we can be responsive to new opportunities, and introduce new development and training programmes when necessary.




In-work development

We provide learning support for internal candidates who want to complete professional qualifications to support their development, including higher national diplomas, higher national certificates, degrees and masters level programmes.


Employability Programmes

We hold Employability Programmes to support local youngsters with their employability skills, as well as learning about the career opportunities we have at Severn Trent.

These include workshops around CV writing, presentation skills, interview skills and personal brand, as well as activities that gave the individuals a better understanding of their own strengths and how these can link to careers.

This is a great way for us to get people from various backgrounds interested in a science, technology, engineering and mathematics industry, with the aim of bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to an area that has previously lacked diversity.

In early 2020, we opened our offices at weekends providing a unique experience for both young people and parents to find out more about the culture at Severnt Trent. The objective of our open days was to inspire young people, showcasing the breadth of opportunity, and offering personal development.

We held interactive workshops, bringing to life our operational world. This included the use of Virtual Reality, demos from current apprentices, and activities that bring the Severn Trent values to life. Across the two days, 210 people (young people and parents) attended.

During summer 2020, with lockdown restrictions in place, we have worked exclusively with schools in both the East and West Midlands, providing a ‘virtual’ work experience programme to Year 10 students. A total of 39 young people attended the work experience programme, with 51% of attendees being female.


39 people
51 percent female

Many who attended the events found them useful:

“Thank you so much for the week of work experience, just a week after we did the course, I got an interview at a restaurant, and straight after the interview the man gave me a trial shift! He said my interview skills were amazing! Now that wouldn't have been possible without the week that you gave us, it was an amazing opportunity and I'm glad I took it. By the way I had the trial shift today, the manager said I did great and all I have to do is a bit of online training and the job is mine, thank you so much!!!”



Diversity amongst graduates

Graduates Total Hired
Non Russell
2020 14 7 (50%) 4 (28%) 10 (72%)
2019 20 7 (35%) 5 (25%) 15 (71%)
2018 42 16 (38%) 12 (29%  
2017 35 14 (40%) 12 (34%)  
2016 38 15 (39%) 7 (18%)  



Diversity amongst undergraduates

  Total Hired
Undergraduates 12 month - 2020 12 2 (16%) 4 (33%)
Undergraduates - 2019 4 1 (25%) 0 (0%)
Undergraduates 12 month - 2019
12 4 (33%) 3 (25%)
Undergraduates Summer - 2018
6 6 (100%) 1 (20%)
Undergraduates 12 month - 2018
17 4 (23%) 6 (35%)
Undergraduates Summer - 2017 7 3 (43%) 2 (29%)
Undergraduates 12 month - 2017 14 5 (36%) 2 (14%)



Diversity amongst apprentices

  Total Hired
Social Mobility
cold spot area
Apprentices - 2020 44 5 (11%) 4 (9%) 23 (54%)
Apprentices - 2019 28 8 (29%) 3 (11%) 8 (28%)
Apprentices - 2018
28 9 (32%) 5 (17%)  
Apprentices - 2017
68* 10 (15%) 10 (15%)  
Apprentices - 2016
78 7 (9%) 6 (8%)  
Apprentices - 2015
28 0 (0%) 4 (14%)  
Apprentices - 2014
17 1 (6%) 0 (0%)  
Apprentices - 2013 17 3 (18%) 0 (0%)  



Investing in skills and knowledge

At Severn Trent our people are our most valuable asset. To achieve our strategy we need to ensure they have the right knowledge, skills and behaviours.

We place a high priority on developing our people to be brilliant at what they do, today and in the future.





Developing the most technical skilled workforce in the industry

Our ambition is to have the most technically skilled workforce in the industry, and we have recently announced plans to invest £10m in a new Technical Training Academy in Coventry.


“Investing in training is good for our business because it helps us to be more technically competent…it’s also good for our colleagues, because it gives them a platform for growth, promotion and more rewarding careers –and it’s good for local communities and industry too because it improves the skills base across the Midlands.”

Chief Executive’s Review, Severn Trent Plc, 2018, Annual Report and Accounts





2019/20 2020/21
*Average number of training days per employer 3.18 3.04 2.78 2.08 1.02
Total number of training days
14935 15287 14867 14299 7152









Employees with performance management completed by internal deadline

2016/2017 91.9 percent
2017/2018 87.2 percent
2018/2019 89.4 percent
2019/20 90 percent
2020/21 93 percent



Career transitions

We now offer a pre-retirement course that helps our employees plan for a life outside Severn Trent.

The course covers a range of topics including how to adapt to a different lifestyle, financial planning, Severn Trent pensions, state entitlements, planning your estate and a personal action plan.



Health, safety and wellbeing

We believe passionately that no-one should be hurt or become unwell by what we do, whether that’s colleagues, customers or contractors.





Aiming for Goal Zero

Health, Safety and Wellbeing is embedded within everything we do and is critical to the success of our business. Our vision is that no one gets hurt or is made unwell by what we do, so we have set a goal of reaching zero lost time incidents.

Protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone we work with, including the communities in which we work, is one of our core responsibilities.

We are committed to achieving an environment and culture which is incident free and we will continue to raise the standard of health, safety and wellbeing in order to achieve our vision.

That’s why we’re committed to investing in the wellbeing of our colleagues to help them provide the best service they can, and making sure that no-one –that that’s our colleagues, supply chain partners, customers and the communities we work within –is hurt or made unwell by our work.

To incentivise best practice, 8% of our company-wide bonus is linked to health and safety performance, ensuring every member of staff has an investment in making sure we do things the right way.



Benchmarking against the best in the industry

We constantly review our existing management system against ISO 45001, to make sure our processes and training are to the highest standards.

Using data and technology to improve safety

We use new technology and analyse useful data to gain insights into team safety, drive accountability and improve knowledge and performance.



Health and safety

As one of the risks that affects a huge section of our employees, driving is a particular focus of our health and safety training and awareness. 

Our employees drive 1.5 million miles in our fleet vehicles each month, and there were 383 driving-related incidents in 2018. By analysing three years of data, we found three key areas to focus on: parking, roundabouts and junctions, and rear-end collisions.

In the first quarter of 2019/20, we went out around the Company, delivering roadshows, running parking challenges and mileage competitions, speaking to employees all over the business to help raise awareness of safe driving techniques. 

As a result, driving accidents decreased by 25% in the nine months following the ‘driving focus’ quarter (compared to the nine months before it) and lost time due to driving accidents decreased by 63% – meaning that our efforts led to a decrease in both the number and severity of driving accidents.





Health and safety in our supply chain

We work with many contractors across a variety of activities. Our core activities are in major construction and asset repair and maintenance.

Many of our higher risk activities are in these areas and we work in collaboration with our contractors to jointly understand and improve health, safety and wellbeing.

Many of our highest-risk activities are in major construction and asset repair and maintenance – the areas in which we often work with contractors. We collaborate at director level across our supply chain to improve health, safety and wellbeing, and have achieved an LTI rate in our supply chain of 0.21 per 100,000 hours worked in 2020/21.

We hold monthly health, safety and wellbeing meetings with our core suppliers and agree clear targets for the year ahead. Each quarter all leaders, from team and site managers through to area managers, attend health, safety and wellbeing sessions to drive significant physical and behavioural improvements.

Over our current reporting period (2015 onwards) there have been zero contractor fatalities.



Our LTI performance