Working across the landscape

Working across the landscape

Our approach to the environment integrates intiatives across our region - from wild moors to urban areas - delivering our climate and biodiversity goals, and clean water for our customers.


The climate and nature emergencies are unprecedented ‘grand challenges’ - by building partnerships we can transform our impact.

Joined-up thinking

As much as possible, what we do to deliver our environmental objectives creates systemic benefits - solving more than one problem at once.

Nature-based solutions

Our landscapes absorb, carry and filter water - by working with nature we can deliver clean rivers, improved biodiversity, and affordable water.


A lot of what will be needed to solve the climate and nature emergencies hasn’t been invented yet - so we are creating the conditions for innovation.

A diagram view of how we work across our landscape

Wider business and sustainability strategies

Caring for our Environment constitues part of our overall Sustainability Framework and provides our direction of travel and the high level aspirations that we will work towards under four key pillars.

Further detal is available in individual strategy and policy documents which can be found on our websites:  and

To follow our progress, and full details of reporting our annual performance can all be found in our Sustainability Report.