Shareholder centre

Manage your shares

Buy and sell shares through our registrar, Equiniti, on their Shareview platform



Equiniti is our registrar, looking after the registration of all sales and purchases, the maintenance of our shareholder register and the payment of dividends to our shareholders.


Contacting Equiniti


Contact Equiniti if you have any queries about your account.




Shareview is a digital share management platform, developed by Equiniti. You can use Shareview to manage your Severn Trent shares.

To register on Shareview, you'll need your shareholder reference number. You can find this on your dividend tax voucher, proxy card and any other correspondence sent to you by Equiniti. You should contact Equiniti if you can't find your reference number.

Once you have registered for Shareview you will be able to:

  • See details of your individual shareholdings quickly and securely
  • Value your share portfolio by reference to a recent market price
  • Receive an email notification when the Severn Trent Annual Report and Accounts and Notice of Annual General Meeting are published and access digital versions
  • Cast your AGM proxy voting instructions electronically
  • Set up a dividend mandate 
  • Access information about your dividends
  • Change your address and your dividend mandate details 
  • Get your documents digitally, helping us go paperless, conserving water and trees



It is possible to donate your shares, or proceeds from them, to charity. If you’d like to use your investment to help others, there are a couple of programmes we’re involved with.