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Our dividend policy


Severn Trent is seen as an income stock, offering a steady and regular shareholder return with low levels of risk. In light of our most recent regulatory settlement and current performance levels, the Severn Trent Plc Board has 2020 to 2025 dividend policy of growth of at least CPIH.

Dividend calculator


Our dividend calculator can help you check the value of your past dividends.

Just select the dividend proposed and enter the number of shares you owned when the dividend was paid to see the dividend value.



Our dividend payment history

 Payment Date Amount (Per Share)  Scrip Dividend (Price per Share) Description Ex-Div date Record Date
10-Jan-24 46.74p   Interim 30-Nov-23 01-Dec-23
14-Jul-23 64.09p   Final 01-Jun-23 02-Jun-23
11-Jan-23 42.73p   Interim 01-Dec-22 02-Dec-22
13-Jul-22 61.28p   Final 01-Jun-22 06-Jun-22
07-Jan-22 40.86p   Interim 02-Dec-21 03-Dec-21
16-Jul-21 60.95p   Final 27-May-21 28-May-21
06-Jan-21 40.63p   Interim 03-Dec-20 04-Dec-20
17-Jul-20 60.05p   Final 11-Jun-20 12-Jun-20
03-Jan-20 40.03p   Interim 28-Nov-19 29-Nov-19
19-Jul-19 56.02p   Final 13-Jun-19 14-Jun-19
04-Jan-19 37.35p    Interim  29-Nov-18 30-Nov-18
20-Jul-18 51.92p   Final 14-Jun-18 15-Jun-18
05-Jan-18 34.63p   Interim 30-Nov-17 01-Dec-17
21-Jul-17 48.90p   Final 15-Jun-17 16-Jun-17
06-Jan-17 32.60p   Interim 01-Dec-16 02-Dec-16
22-Jul-16 48.40p   Final 16-Jun-16 17-Jun-16
08-Jan-16 32.26p   Interim 03-Dec-15 04-Dec-15
24-Jul-15 50.94p   Final 18-Jun-15 19-Jun-15
09-Jan-15 33.96p   Interim 04-Dec-14 05-Dec-15
25-Jul-14 48.24p   Final 18-Jun-14 20-Jun-14
10-Jan-14 32.16p   Interim 04-Dec-13 06-Dec-13
26-Jul-13 45.51p   Final 19-Jun-13 21-Jun-13
11-Jan-13 30.34p   Interim 05-Dec-12 07-Dec-12
27-Jul-12 42.06p   Final 20-Jun-12 22-Jun-12
27-Jul-12 63.00p   Special 20-Jun-12 22-Jun-12
13-Jan-12 28.04p   Interim 30-Nov-11 02-Dec-11
29-Jul-11 39.05p   Final 22-Jun-11 24-Jun-11
14-Jan-11 26.04p   Interim 01-Dec-10 03-Dec-10
30-Jul-10 45.61p   Final 16-Jun-10 18-Jun-10
15-Jan-10 26.71p   Interim 02-Dec-09 04-Dec-09
31-Jul-09 41.05p   Final 17-Jun-09 19-Jun-09
16-Jan-09 26.29p   Interim 03-Dec-08 05-Dec-08
01-Aug-08 41.29p   Final 18-Jun-08 20-Jun-08
16 January 2008  24.34p   Interim 05-Dec-07 07-Dec-07
03-Aug-07 38.68p   Final 27-Jun-07 29-Jun-07
24-Jan-07 22.77p   Interim 13-Dec-06 15-Dec-06
20-Oct-06 165.00p   Special   06-Oct-06
02-Aug-06 31.97p   Final 28-Jun-06 30-Jun-06
25-Jan-06 19.16p   Interim 14-Dec-05 16-Dec-05
31-Aug-05 30.30p   Final 22-Jun-05 24-Jun-05
06-Apr-05 18.21p   Interim 15-Dec-04 17-Dec-04
01-Oct-04 29.27p   Final 16-Jun-04 18-Jun-04
06-Apr-04 17.77p   Interim 17-Dec-03 19-Dec-03
01-Oct-03 28.56p   Final 18-Jun-03 20-Jun-03
07-Apr-03 17.34p   Interim 18-Dec-02 20-Dec-02
01-Oct-02 28.56p   Final 26-Jun-02 28-Jun-02
08-Apr-02 17.34p   Interim 19-Dec-01 21-Dec-01
01-Oct-01 28.00p   Final 27-Jun-01 29-Jun-01
06-Apr-01 17.00p   Interim 21-Feb-01 23-Feb-01
02-Oct-00 28.00p   Final 14-Aug-00 18-Aug-00
06-Apr-00 17.00p   Interim 29-Dec-99 06-Jan-00
01-Oct-99 26.69p   Final 14-Jun-99 18-Jun-99
02-Aug-99 3.84p   2nd Interim 14-Jun-99 18-Jun-99
06-Apr-99 12.47p   1st Interim 29-Dec-98 05-Jan-99
06-Apr-99 1.36p   Enhancement 15-Jun-98 19-Jun-98
06-Apr-99 24.37p   Final 15-Jun-98 19-Jun-98
06-Apr-99 3.84p   2nd Interim 15-Jun-98 19-Jun-98
06-Apr-98 11.55p 987.8p 1st Interim 29-Dec-97 05-Jan-98
06-Aug-97 22.16p 734.5p Final 16-Jun-97 20-Jun-97
06-Aug-97 3.84p   2nd Interim 16-Jun-97 20-Jun-97
07-Apr-97 10.50p 673.1p 1st Interim 30-Dec-96 08-Jan-97
01-Oct-96 19.33p 564.8p Final 17-Jun-96 25-Jun-96
05-Aug-96 3.84p   2nd Interim 17-Jun-96 25-Jun-96
09-Apr-96 9.20p 680.4p 1st Interim 27-Dec-95 05-Jan-96
02-Oct-95 16.80p 560.4p Final 19-Jun-95 06-Jul-95
21-Jul-95 3.84p   2nd Interim 19-Jun-95 06-Jul-95
06-Apr-95 8.23p 498.4p 1st Interim 12-Dec-94 03-Jan-95
03-Oct-94 15.20p 479.8p Final 20-Jun-94 08-Jul-94
06-Apr-94 7.55p 620.8p Interim 13-Dec-93 07-Jan-94
01-Oct-93 14.10p 461.0p Final 21-Jun-93 09-Jul-93
01-Apr-93 7.00p 456.6p Interim 14-Dec-92 07-Jan-93
01-Oct-92 12.90p 403.8p Final 29-Jun-92 09-Jul-92
01-Apr-92 6.40p   Interim 30-Dec-91 17-Jan-92
01-Oct-91 11.70p   Final   22-Jul-91
04-Mar-91 5.85p   Interim   28-Jan-91
01-Oct-90 9.90p   Final   23-Jul-90



B shares were created on 11 August 1997 and cancelled on 1 November 2000, and the last dividend was paid on 11 August 2000. Full details are in our share capital history.

Payment Date Amount (Per Share) Record Date
11 August 2000 0.910575p 27 July 2000
11 February 2000 0.80085p 27 January 2000
11 August 1999 0.75887948p 27 July 1999
11 February 1999 1.09658168p 27 January 1999
11 August 1998 1.06875p 27 July 1998
11 February 1998 1.04203125p 27 January 1998



Scrip dividends are no longer available.

Dividend payments were only made under the scrip dividend scheme between 1 October 1992 and 6 April 1998.


The Dividend Reinvestment Plan


We introduced a Dividend Reinvestment Plan in January 2009.

The plan gives shareholders the option of using their dividend payments to buy more Severn Trent Plc shares.

You can apply to join the Dividend Reinvestment Plan through our company registrar, Equiniti (EQ).

If you join the plan, all your future dividends will be reinvested in Severn Trent Plc shares. These will be purchased on your behalf as soon as possible after the relevant dividend payment date.

If you have any queries regarding the Dividend Reinvestment Plan please contact EQ on their dedicated SCRIP and DRIP phone line: +44 (0) 371 384 2268.