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In our learning library you’ll find guidance and advice on how to find a new job,
what you can do to improve your interview skills and
how to start your new job well.

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Grow Yourself

Free self-development training to Grow Yourself 

Our Grow Yourself training courses can help you to improve your confidence, think positively and build relationships with colleagues. 

Grow your confidence 

Understand what’s holding you back 

View things differently  

Improve your confidence 

Grow your possibilities

Create a positive mindset  

Turn thoughts into beliefs 

Take control, no matter what your circumstances are

Grow your relationships 

Understand others  

How others see you  

How to build relationships  

Get That Job

Free employability training to help you Get That Job

Our Get That Job training courses can help you to find and get the types of jobs you want.  

You’ll find advice on how to write a great CV and how to present yourself in interviews. 

What job do you want?

How do I know what’s important to me? 

How do I recognise my skills? 

How do I set my goals?

Great CVs

How do I write a great CV that gets me noticed?

How do I showcase my skills? 

How do I apply for the job I want?

Preparing for my interview

How can I prepare? 

How can I set myself up for success? 

How can I manage my nerves? 

Ace my interview

How do I give great answers? 

How do I ask the right questions?

How do I make yourself memorable? 

Shine Bright at Work

Free employability training; helping you to work at your best 

Our Shine Bright at Work courses will give you help and advice about how to start your new job successfully. 

Being in the workplace 

How to bring your full-self to work  

How to have a positive attitude  

How to build effective working relationships  

Communicating in the workplace 

How to ask great questions  

How to respond confidently   

How to get your point across  

How to understand what good communication is 

Data: Getting to the point 

How to form a view 

How to share your view 

How to respond to and understand other’s views 

Essential digital skills  

How to create a presentation 

How to work with others 

How to review and record data 

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