About us

Who we are

As one of Britain’s largest water companies, we impact on the lives of millions of people across the Midlands, from the outskirts of Sheffield, down to Bristol, and into north and mid-Wales

Caring for now, and the future

We will take care of our region for future generations.

Doing the right thing

We pride ourselves on doing the right thing for our customers, and for the communities in which we live and work. 


That’s why we’ve launched our new Community Fund, which will provide grants to groups and organisations across the Midlands for the projects that are so close to their hearts.

We also help tens of thousands of our most vulnerable customers with support, whether through money off bills or by offering them advice and special devices so they can become more water efficient.

We know our own people are every bit as important as our assets.That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that, no matter anyone’s background, people have the chance to join Severn Trent and have the best career they can.


Moving forward

There’s always more to be done. 


We’ve committed to making a real difference to the lives of our customers, communities and the colleagues who work for us.

That’s why we’ll be working hard to make our services even better including reducing the number of leaks, the amount of flooding from our sewers in extreme weather and the number of pollutions this causes.

We’ll also make our service more resilient and bring down the number of occasions our customers are without water due to a burst pipe.

At the same time we’re going to increase the number of vulnerable customers we support to ensure that they never need to worry about their water supply.