Property sales customer-sharing profit mechanism

Any profit we generate by selling our property directly benefits our customers.

Under our licence conditions, we share regulated property disposal proceeds with Severn Trent customers. We do this through a well-established process.



How we share our property profits with customers



Surplus land in the regulated business is either:

  1. Sold directly to a third party
  2. Sold to our specialist Property Development subsidiary for further value creation.

The Property Development team create additional value by obtaining planning permission ready for sale or collaborating with others to develop the land.




RCV adjustment applied and profit shared

The RCV adjustment is applied at the end of each five-year Asset Management Plan (AMP) period and consists of two elements.

The overage will be between 15% and 60% and is determined by Ofwat’s independent valuer. The more difficult the land is to develop, the lower the percentage. 50% of the overage is then shared with customers.