Our corporate structure

How the businesses within Severn Trent Group relate to each other

Divisions of Severn Trent Group

Severn Trent Group's activities are split into three large business areas.

  • Regulated Water and Waste Water
  • Business Services
  • Corporate and other


Changes to our structure

In 2018, we made some presentational changes to our segmental structure, expanding our Business Services division. 

We have aligned our Bioresources activities commercially as a result of the sludge trading market opening up on 1 April 2020. The treatment of sludge remains a regulated activity, but the way it can be traded changes at that time, and that will provide new opportunities for the business.

Historically, the property element of our business was split between our regulated and non-regulated business to reflect the profit-sharing mechanism that governs the sale of inherited assets.

We created a Property Development team to deal with the additional activity generated as part of our strategy to generate £100m property profit over the course of ten years. 


UK Operating Services provides contract services to municipal and industrial clients, and the UK Ministry of Defence, for the design, build and operation of water and waste water treatment facilities and networks. We also provide retail services to UK businesses. 

This area contains all our corporate overheads, along with some small businesses which do not roll up through Severn Trent Water.