Our corporate structure

How the businesses within Severn Trent Group relate to each other

Divisions of Severn Trent Group

Severn Trent Group's activities are split into three large business areas.

  • Regulated Water and Waste Water
  • Business Services
  • Corporate and other


Changes to our structure

In 2020, we made some presentational changes to our segmental structure, moving some activities from our Business Services segment to Regulated Water and Waste Water.

In 2019, the Bioresources and Developer Services businesses were managed by, and included in, Business Services. Both businesses now form part of the appointed businesses of Severn Trent Water and Hafren Dyfrdwy, and are included in the regulatory settlement determined by Ofwat and managed by our Regulated Water and Waste Water team. We have therefore amended our segmental presentation to include Bioresources and Developer Services as part of our Regulated Water and Waste Water business.


Old Structure

Current Structure

This chart sets out the ownership structure within the Severn Trent Group, showing those companies that connect our regulated and operating companies to Severn Trent Plc. 

All entities are incorporated in England and Wales and are 100% owned unless otherwise shown.  Only principal holding companies and trading entities are included for ease of reference. (Non-trading and dormant entities are excluded unless they are a principal holding company).


(1) Acts as lesser of assets to other group companies

(2) Incorporated and registered in Guernsey

(3) No longer holds any overseas interests

(4) Joint venture with United Utilities PLC



Regulated Water and Waste Water comprises of our two water and sewerage companies – Severn Trent Water and Hafren Dyfrdwy.

This segment is split into 5 price controls:

  • Water Resources
  • Water Network Plus
  • Waste Water Network Plus
  • Bioresources
  • Residential Retail

Operating Services provides contract services to municipal and industrial clients, and the UK Ministry of Defence, for the design, build and operation of water and waste water treatment facilities and networks.

We also provide retail services to UK businesses. 

This area contains all our corporate overheads, along with some small businesses which do not roll up through Severn Trent Water.