Innovation catalyst

How we're learning from knowledge and experience across the globe to find new innovations.

Learning from global innovation

Traditionally, the UK water industry has been insular and haven’t pushed the boundaries when it comes to innovation and sustainable development.

We have set ourselves the challenge to look outside of what we already know in order to learn from knowledge and experience across the globe and find new innovations so that we can embrace new thinking and forever change the way we work.

Global network of scouts

We're establishing a global network of scouts who understand the challenges we face, our asset base and appetite for innovation to scan the market for potential game-changing technologies and opportunities.

Regional hubs will be created where scouts will act on our behalf, acting as ambassadors in the field. They'll build on existing relationships, collect key information and report back to us in the UK.

Innovation tour

An ‘Innovation Tour’ will visit regional hubs to participate in ‘Meet the Innovator’ events.

During these events, a core team to fly to regional hubs for a few days. There they will be immersed in the latest findings, engage with leading professionals from the region, and in some cases, visit live trials and pilots of promising technologies to gain insight.

The intelligence will be assessed in the context of our operation and future vision; for adoption across our organisation.