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Become a registered Severn Trent supplier

All our suppliers must register on the SAP Ariba platform to be able to carry out any procurement activity with Severn Trent.

Becoming a registered supplier

There are two ways you can become one of our registered suppliers.

You can contact us and request to become a supplier, or we can contact you asking if you would like to become a supplier.

Creating a SAP Ariba account

Once an agreement has been reached for you to become one of our suppliers, we will create a SAP Ariba Network account for you.

Once the account has been created you will get a confirmation email. This will be sent to your registered email address.

You should get in touch with our team if you don’t receive the confirmation email.

Complete the application form

In the account confirmation email, you’ll be asked to complete an online application form which will be used to check your organisation’s suitability to be a supplier.

In the application form you’ll be asked to provide information including your business’s:

  • Address
  • Bank account details
  • Insurance documents

Application approval

Once you’ve completed the form, we’ll review your answers
and approve or deny the application.

We may find we need to ask for more information to clarify
some of your responses. If this is the case, we’ll send you an email explaining what it is we need to know and why.

The email will contain a link for you to upload more
information and documentation to support your application.

How to become a registered Severn Trent supplier

A step-by-step guide through our supplier onboarding process. 

Step 1

Getting you SAP Ariba log in details

We will create you SAP Ariba Network account.

You will then get an email containing your Ariba network ID and username.

Step 2

Complete the application form

Use the link in the email to open the supplier application
form. You’ll need to enter information including your:

  • Contact details
  • Address
  • VAT number

You must complete all applicable questions.

Step 3

Provide supporting documentation

You’ll need to include documentation to support your application.This can include:

  • Account details
  • Insurance documents
  • References from previous clients and collaborators

Step 4

Add financial information

You’ll also need to provide financial information in your application, so we’re able to process payments with you for any work we request from you.

This could include:

  • Bank account number
  • Bank address
  • Sort code

Step 5

Submit your completed form

Once completed, check you have uploaded all the necessary
documentation and go over your answers to ensure everything is correct.

When you’re comfortable with the information
you’ve provided, you can submit the form.

Step 6

Confirmation and tracking

Finally, you’ll get an email confirming we have received
your application.

This email contains a reference number to allow you to track the progress of the application.

We’ll then assess your application and make our decision.

Qualified suppliers

Once you have registered as a supplier, you can choose to become a qualified supplier.

As a qualified supplier, your organisation’s details will appear in relevant category searches, helping our teams to find and approach the right companies for the right work.

Without qualified supplier status, your organisation is only searchable by name.

Keep this information to hand

You can download and print this information to keep it handy during registration.