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Become a qualified Severn Trent supplier

As a qualified supplier, your organisation’s details will appear in relevant category searches, helping our teams to find and approach the right companies for the right work.

Applying to become a qualified supplier

To apply, you’ll need to log in to your SAP Ariba account and complete a form.

On that form, you’ll be asked for some information from you about your business, its location, the work you do and how you do it to make sure you’re able to find the right projects to work with us on.

We’ll ask you about your:

  • sourcing and sustainability processes
  • shipping
  • delivery
  • return policies
  • category-specific certifications
  • compliance with policies

Once you’ve completed the form and submitted your answers, our category manger will review it and approve or deny your application.

Your qualified supplier status will expire

Qualified supplier status is not permanent. It has an expiry date and you will need to re-apply in order to retain qualified status. The expiry date will be tailored to each organisation, depending on the contract length, they type of work carried out and other factors.

How to become a qualified Severn Trent supplier

Step-by-step guidance on how to become a qualified supplier.


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Step 6

Suppliers can be disqualified

There are circumstances in which you could lose your qualified supplier status.

These can include:

  • Completion of contract
  • Unexpected end to contract
  • Termination of working relationship

If you lose your qualified supplier status, you’ll no longer appear in the category searches our teams carry out when looking for suppliers.

Keep this information to hand

You can download and print this information to keep it handy during registration.