Wonderfully You

How boring would it be if we were all cut from the same cloth? And how ill-equipped would we be to serve the communities who trust us to do right by them?

That’s why at Severn Trent we positively celebrate diversity and inclusion, truly embracing individuals’ contributions, no matter what their age, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, social background, religion or belief.  

Having a culture that embraces individuals to be wonderful in their own right, is a vital part of the future of our success. 

Our strategy is simple

When it comes to our strategy, we know we’re making great progress, but they is always more to do. That’s why we’re focusing on:

Our 2025 Diversity and Inclusion plan outlines our commitments and how we plan to be a force for good, breaking down myths, stereotypes and barriers, so that we can influence the life chances of future generations – but also touches on the progress we’ve already made.

Our networks

To contribute to our progress, we’ve set up four networks to represent our colleagues. Their aim is to influence our overall Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, contributing to plans and making sure these are delivered.

Just as importantly, they connect with colleagues to support their learning and network with external groups. 

We're making great strides

The progress we’ve made hasn’t happened by accident. We know there is still much more we want to do, but that doesn’t distract from how proud we are of the progress wehave made. It’s the result of lots of deliberate actions, and we couldn’t be more passionate about getting this right.

Here’s some of our most recent achievements:

Proudly supporting: