Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan (Final 2023)

Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans (DWMP) are a new initiative. They require sewerage companies to set out 25 year long-terms plans (2025-2050) on how they intend to extend, improve, and maintain robust and resilient drainage and wastewater systems against future pressured such as climate change, population growth and urbanisation.

In June 2022, we published our draft DWMP ahead of a three month consultation which closed at the end of September 2022. Since then we have been updating and refining our final DWMP to take on-board consultation feedback and comments.

A key part of this is to ensure our final DWMP provides robust evidence to support and inform our PR24 business plan, covering the period from 2025-30, to ensure short term investment needs align with the longer-term needs of our catchments out to 2050 and beyond.

Understanding more about the challenges our DWMP has considered

Below are a series of short videos to help understand and explain future challenges and how we can all work together to address them.

Future challenges

Sustainable drainage

Avoiding blockages

Storm overflows


Looking after our assets

Structure of our DWMP

Below are a series of documents aligned to the requirements set out in the framework. 

The hierarchy of documents is summarised in the diagram: 

Getting to know your catchment

To help you understand the region we serve and the boundaries of our wastewater catchments, the map below will help you to navigate the different reporting levels which we have documented.

If you click on a catchment the pop-up window will provide a link to the appropriate Level 2 Strategic Planning Area and Level 3 Tactical Planning Units documents.

In addition to being able to zoom in/out there is also the functionality to enter a postcode to quickly find which catchment a property is served by (we recommend you open the web map in a new window using the link beneath).