Top 10 place for Severn Trent in Social Mobility Index

11th November 2020

Midlands water and waste company Severn Trent has been named as one of the country’s top companies for helping social mobility for the second year running.

The company has come in eighth in the latest Index, which ranks Britain’s employers on the actions they’re taking to ensure they’re open to accessing and progressing talent from all backgrounds.
Companies are assessed on everything from the work they do on apprenticeships, through to their recruitment and selection processes, and how people from lower income backgrounds progress up the ladder within their organisations.
Liv Garfield, Severn Trent Chief Executive, said: “It’s really wonderful to be top 10 for the second year running as it’s a real testament to the hard work we’ve undertaken over a number of years now to make sure everyone, no matter where they come, has the best chance to join us and to then build their career.
“It’s especially important for us as so many of our people live in areas of low social mobility, so our commitment, as recognised by the Index, show just how much of a difference we’re able to make to people’s lives.”
Almost half – 43% – of Severn Trent’s new hires came from areas identified as being social mobility cold spots, with 39% of all internal promotions achieved by staff living in these areas.
This year saw 119 employers from 17 sectors, who collectively employ almost one million people in the UK, answer about 100 questions. In addition to the employers’ responses, over 14,000 employees also took part in a voluntary employee survey.
Sarah Atkinson, Chief Executive of the Social Mobility Foundation, said: “I am delighted that Severn Trent committed to entering the Index this year despite the challenges they have faced in the wake of the pandemic. Now more than ever, we need to see business play their part in the levelling up agenda.”