Severn Trent pushes the boundaries of innovation with global network launch 

Thursday 10th March 2022

Severn Trent is reaching out beyond its borders to create a global network of innovators, helping to improve the service it offers to customers.

The water and waste company is looking for new ideas and solutions from around the world, by setting up a web of technology scouts, starting in Northern Europe. 

The first hub has already been established in Nordic countries including Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. These scouts will be on the look-out for new ways of working that will help Severn Trent to tackle some of the biggest challenges it faces today, including carbon emissions and leakage. 

As part of the three-month exploration, the scouts will use their local knowledge and contacts to scan the market for potential game-changing technologies, before reporting back to the innovation team at Severn Trent. 

Richard Walywn, Head of Asset Intelligence and Innovation at Severn Trent, said: 

“We’ve got a proud history of pushing boundaries when it comes to innovation. We’re looking to continue that tradition by reaching out to the four corners of the world, in the hope of finding game-changing technologies that will bring about significant change for our customers and the service we provide in the future. 

“As innovators, we know some of the best ideas come from others.  So, we’re recruiting local scouts in key regions, starting in Northern Europe, to help us explore new solutions for some of Severn Trent’s biggest challenges.”

The company has plans to expand the innovation network into Southern Europe, Australia & New Zealand, North America, South America and Southeast Asia later in the year.

This initiative marks another step forward for Severn Trent’s innovation ambitions, expanding its network of partners to help develop and accelerate the ground-breaking technologies that will make a real difference to peoples’ lives.