Severn Trent Announces New Director of Customer Operations  

Monday 6th March 2023

Steph Cawley has been announced as Severn Trent’s new Director of Customer Operations.  

Following on from last month’s announcement that Dr James Jesic will move to the position of Capital and Commercial Services Director, Steph will take on James’s responsibilities in May 2023.

Steph joined Severn Trent in 2018 and is currently Head of Water Treatment.  As Director of Customer Operations, Steph will lead Severn Trent’s largest directorate with a 4,000-strong team responsible for water and waste operations.

Liv Garfield, CEO of Severn Trent said, “I'm absolutely delighted that once again, we've been able to appoint the standout candidate from our internal talent and I'd like to congratulate Steph on her appointment to the role. Steph brings not only considerable Severn Trent knowledge but is an exceptional operational leader with a real passion for helping people to deliver brilliant performance.”

Steph, who had a successful 16-year career at BT in a variety of roles including Field Operations will be responsible for Severn Trent’s water and waste networks, waste water recycling, water treatment, bioresources, network control, water quality and environment.

Steph Cawley, Head of Water Treatment at Severn Trent said, “Having been part of the Senior Management Team for the past five years, Severn Trent Customer Operations is a brilliant and high performing team and it will be a privilege to continue to build on all the great things we are delivering.”  

James and Steph will remain in their current roles until in 1 May 2023.