Capital Markets Day: 2021

We held our Capital Markets Day on Friday 24th September 2021. Here you can access videos and slides from the event which focused on three key areas:

  • Our sector leading performance on ODIs
  • Our ambition to Net Zero by 2030
  • Winning on RCV through our Green Recovery award

An introduction to our Capital Markets Day from our CEO Liv Garfield and Chair Christine Hodgson:

Sector Leaders on ODIs

Following our sector-leading performance on Customer ODIs in AMP6, we not only carried that performance into the first year of AMP7, we also achieved a record industry reward of £77 million after our teams worked hard to deliver on the measures that matter most to our customers which also led us to being on, or above, target on 79% of our measures. At Severn Trent we’re committed to ensuring we take that level of performance through the rest of this AMP and on into future AMPs to ensure we continue to deliver for our customers, our communities and our investors.

How we're doing it

Our targeted approach through the use of data has enabled us to become even more resilient across our networks, whether Water or Waste. As the customer ODIs become more difficult year-on-year, the measures we’ve put in place today will continue to serve us tomorrow, but we also know we have to continue to invest in the right places and to embrace even more technology to ensure we continue to outperform on all measures going forward.

Net Zero by 2030

Our challenge is to reduce our emissions by 470kt from our 2019 baseline.

How we're doing it

We’ve worked hard to get a strong understanding of our anticipated baseline carbon emissions through cutting edge trials which gives us confidence in our jumping off point of 470KT per year. Through our Reduce, Remove, Replace and Offset approach we have a credible path to reaching Net Zero using a mixture of innovation, nature-based solutions and targeted investment but it remains a massive challenge. With many activities underway we anticipate around £500 million of additional investment will be required to reach our net zero goal, coming from our PR24 business plan, sound non-regulated business cases, and internal efficiencies such as the £5 million a year internal carbon tax which will fund innovation trials. Net Zero by 2030 will not be an easy journey but, as demonstrated by our approach to ODIs and the Green Recovery, we have the performance culture to succeed. 

Winning on RCV

Our Green Recovery award will lead to £625 million in nominal prices of extra investment which, in turn, leads to real RCV growth of over 10% across AMP7. Our six Green Recovery schemes are creating an exciting opportunity for us to trial some innovative environmental projects in our region and, just as importantly, have the potential to drive further growth in future AMPs while also creating much needed jobs for our region.

How we're doing it

We’ve hit the ground running with our schemes, having already begun to invest in both projects and people, and shared that the benefits will be felt not only today but also by future generations, whether that’s by creating bathing quality rivers or replacing lead pipes, both of which will benefit our customers, our communities and the environment for years to come.

Close by Liv

CEO Liv Garfield's closing speech.