Why choose us
We aspire to be the most trusted water company. To achieve this takes dedication, skill and a team of thousands. If you have the talent to help, speak up.

Why choose us

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We change lives

At Severn Trent, we’re built to anticipate and react to the shifting needs of our communities. We’re doing it in some exciting ways, like using new digital platforms to communicate with our customers, implementing cost-saving initiatives that are keeping bills falling, and beginning a joint venture with United Utilities that will improve our offering for businesses across England and Scotland.

Water impacts every aspect of our day-to-day lives, defining everything from the clothes we wear to the food we eat, the way we construct our cities to the places we choose to build new homes. That means, as culture, technology and the environment change, our business changes too. We move with the current and, here, so will you.

We shape the future

The future’s fluid – and it’s there to be shaped. When you join Severn Trent, you’ll be helping us to respond to new pressures on resources and grow in a sustainable way. That could include investing in renewable technologies or reducing the use of chemicals in our treatment works, finding smarter ways of testing wastewater or delivering the internal support we need to make our business run. Whichever challenge you take on, the implications of your work will be felt by generations to come.

You’ll also help us to continue the legacy of over a century of engineering, by maintaining and enhancing a large, complex network with deep, far-reaching roots. We’re proud of our history. Now, you can help us to preserve it and build a connected plan for the future.

We deliver something special

There’s no denying that water is the world’s most precious resource. It’s our job to deliver it. We know that the water cycle ties our business, communities and the global environment together – so we have a responsibility to do things in the right way. That’s why we care about the work we do and its effects on others.

We’re driven by our values, acting with integrity, protecting the environment and focussing on our duty to our customers. Here, you’ll share the principles of care and responsibility that underpin our actions, and everything we do. 

Wonderful for all

We’re building an inclusive company. We’ve created a culture that encourages all of our people to think of every single day as an opportunity to do something better. Our most ambitious goals depend on forward-thinking ideas, no matter who they come from. As employers, we welcome people from all walks of life and promote diversity and inclusion.

For more information check out the link to our Interactive Induction Guide.

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