Beckie's story

"Coming from a small family run construction business I felt Severn Trent could offer me the career progression I was looking for, and I wasn’t wrong." 

Hi Beckie, thanks for chatting with us – really looking forward to hearing about your career story. First tell us, a little bit about yourself and about your career journey with us at Severn Trent?

Hello!  A little about me, I am a mother to a 12 year old boy, became a homeowner during lockdown and been renovating since, with a little help from my dad.  I enjoy practicing Brazilian Jujitsu and enjoying what is left of my sons childhood – now he is a pre-teen I am not cool to be around.

I joined Severn Trent in 2018 as a fleet administrator. Within a year I was promoted to Driver Safety Coordinator. I really enjoyed this role as my main objective was to help reduce our driving accidents and I was involved in a number of projects which were really making a difference. Always looking for my next challenge I applied and succeeded in a secondment role as fleet manager. I have been in this role since March and enjoying every moment. 


What made you apply to work for Severn Trent at the beginning?

Coming from a small family run construction business I felt Severn Trent could offer me the career progression I was looking for, and I wasn’t wrong. Since being at Severn Trent I have obtained my transport manager CPC, various courses at the academy and I am also completing a level 3 management apprenticeship. Severn Trent has changed my life in many ways but I also feel strongly about their values. They were especially felt during covid where not one member of staff was furloughed, donations of £xxx to various charities and there are ongoing community projects we can all get involved in. 


It’s great that you’ve progressed to manage the team you were working in, tell us a bit more about the Fleet Manager role you’re doing now.

Where to start, my role is very demanding but also very fulfilling. I manage a team of 7 whilst also working on various projects such as our vehicle replacement programmes, EV transition programme to decarbonise our fleet by 2030, transport improvements which include refining processes, implementing a new fleet management system, the list goes on. I love that every day is different and feel the work I do is making a difference to our operational teams.  


What do you love about working for Severn Trent?

There are many things I love but my top three would have to be the fulfilment I get whilst doing my job, the people and the level of support you receive in all areas of your life. Severn Trent to me is my extended family. 


For anyone out there who has experience or an interest in Fleet and Transport, what you say to them about considering a career with us?

I would say coming from a small family run business I was hesitant about joining such a big organisation as I didn’t want to be ‘just a number’ but that decision has been life changing for me. My advice would be to just go for it, with two feet! We are always open to new ideas and innovative ways of working so if you are passionate and a team player we would love to hear from you. 


Can you tell us anything exciting about the world of Fleet and Transport at Severn Trent that people might not know?

We have a lot of internal projects ongoing ranging from our brand new fleet management system and our new internal fleet only website but I think the most exciting news is that we are well on our way to being carbon neutral by 2025 for our company cars, currently having 159 EV cars and another 200 due to land summer next year – this puts us way in front of our competitors for decarbonisation. We also have a small number of EV vans which will be growing considerably in the next year – we have our very own dedicated EV transition team whose sole focus is to decarbonise our fleet by 2030! The world is changing, and I am so excited and proud to be a part of the positive changes we are making here at Severn Trent.