We're a family friendly employer

We understand that becoming a parent, growing your family or looking after those who mean the most to you, can be life changing. That why we’re proud to provide policies that fit around your family, whenever you might need it. Here you’ll be able to see an overview of each of our policies, so you don’t have to worry about asking these questions during the recruitment process.

Neonatal care leave

If your little one surprises you by putting in an early appearance, or needs to stay in hospital for a while after they are born prematurely, we are offering fully paid leave for every day your baby is admitted - for stays that last for a week or more (for up to 12 weeks).

This means you will be able to enjoy every magical moment of your maternity and paternity leave at home with your new-born.

Fertility treatment and IVF

We provide up to two days paid leave per year, for up to a maximum of three fertility / IVF cycles.

Flexible working

It may be beneficial for you to apply to change your working hours on a short or long term basis. This could be after returning to work following the birth of your child, adopting a child, supporting a dependent during a significant period or if you wish to change your hours or working pattern to support your work life balance.

Requests will be agreed with your line manager taking into consideration the requirements of the business.