Being an army reserve at ST with Simon

We love to welcome those from different backgrounds and experiences into the world of Severn Trent (ST), as not only do we find that skills are transferrable but we they can bring so much more to the organisation.

Simon tells us about how being an army reserve and having a career in engineering works for him, so he can pursue both of his passions. 

So Simon, tell us a little bit about you and your role!

I work as a Design Manager within Capital and Commercial Services – our engineering function which looks after our big infrastructure projects. My role is about leading a team of Design Engineers to design solutions for our wastewater treatment works. As well as my day job I serve as a Reserve Soldier within the Royal Engineers – which I’ll get onto soon.  

Outside of work I enjoy the gym, cycling and pretty much anything outdoors! 


Tell us, what brought you here?

I joined to bring design back in-house. I wanted to be part of building my own design team, and the additional two weeks paid leave for Reserve Service was a contributing factor in me choosing Severn Trent. 


What do you enjoy most about your role?

Watching my teams designs come to life from concept to paper to site construction is a massive buzz and is what gets me out of bed in the morning. The knowledge that we are cleaning wastewater and putting clean water back into the rivers whilst improving river water quality makes me feel like we are looking after the environment.


How do you feel supported as a reserve at Severn Trent?

Severn Trent actively support me in my reserve career by offering two weeks additional paid leave and a flexible working policy. As well as additional support which has led to the company to achieving the Silver Award from the Armed Forces recognition scheme.


Have you found there are any transferrable skills or comparisons between working at ST and as a Reserve Soldier?

The Army offer some of the best Leadership training in the World and I use these skills daily to motivate, engage and lead my team. 


What’s the best thing about working at Severn Trent?

It’s got to be the culture! Severn Trent has a culture developed by its people that I have not experienced before – you’re always supported and have the opportunity to move and develop within the company. 

I also feel the company offers some of the most diverse job roles available all under the same company umbrella from tanker driver to river rangers, engineers to customer support and legal to technology! Honestly, there is something for everyone here, no matter what your previous career, you’ll be able to bring something really valuable. 


And finally, what would you tell anyone thinking to join from the public service, military, or any other kind of background?

Go for it! You have far more transferrable skills than you think. Use the online learning and resettlement on offer to decide what you want to do here at Severn Trent.