Service to Severn Trent

Members of the Armed Forces community bring a wealth of transferable skills and experiences to employers across the United Kingdom

We're proud to be a recognised Armed Forces friendly employer.

George Projects Team

"Transitioning from the British Army into Severn Trent presented several challenges but leaning on the experiences and skills which I developed during my time in the military has aided me and proved invaluable. Teamwork, adaptability and resilience are skills which I honed in the British Army and are equally as valuable within a corporate structure."

Sarah Physical and Biological Manager

"I was already serving in the Reserve Forces when I joined, and luckily, the company is hugely supportive of our Reserve Forces.  I feel hugely supported by my Manager and the wider Business, and I feel that both roles complement each other; Severn Trent has benefited from things I’ve learnt in the military and vice versa."

Jay Projects Team

"It’s a daunting transitioning into civilian life, it left me lacking purpose within my career, until I joined Severn Trent which aligned with my personal goals of helping make a difference and future career aspirations."

Why choose us to shape your next chapter

Who we help

We understand the challenges associated with transitioning from military to civilian life, and proudly hold Gold Status with the Armed Forces Covenant. This status reflects our unwavering commitment to supporting service leavers and their families.

We’re dedicated to assisting military veterans, reservists, and their families in transitioning to fulfilling careers beyond the military.

Reservists welcome

We recognise the valuable contributions made by members of the reserve forces.

As a Volunteer Reservist or Regular Reservist, you'll enjoy the flexibility to attend training days, weekends, and annual camps without any concerns about your continued benefits. Plus, we provide up to 10 days of additional paid leave. 

Meet Simon

Meet Simon, who works as a Design Manager within Capital and Commercial Services.

Simon tells us about how being an army reserve and having a career in engineering works for him, so he can pursue both of his passions. 

Meet Conrad

Meet Conrad, a valued member of our critical environments team at Severn Trent.

Coming from the British Army, Conrad shares his positive transition experience, highlighting career growth and the support he’s enjoyed along the way.

Find your next calling

Whether you're seeking hands-on experience through our placement scheme or aiming for a long-term career through permanent employment, we have opportunities tailored to your journey.

Join our Project Management Placement Scheme

Throughout the year, we offer placement opportunities of up to six weeks working alongside our operational and engineering teams.

Our next placements begin from May 2024, with assessments taking place in April.

Whether you're transitioning from military service or looking for a long-term career, we have many permanent positions that may match your skills and goals.

Take the next step in your journey with us by exploring our latest vacancies or getting in touch with our team. 

Get in touch

No such thing as a silly question, ask away. Whatever stage your at, whether you’re still in the army and having a browse or ready to apply for a role, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.