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To save time and cut clutter, why not handle your Severn Trent shareholding online with Shareview electronic communications service?

Shareview electronic communication

Shareview is an electronic shareholder communications service which has been developed by Equiniti.

By registering for this electronic service it will allow you to:

  • See details of your individual shareholdings quickly and securely online

  • Value your share portfolio by reference to a recent market price

  • Receive an e-mail notifying you of the publication of Severn Trent's Annual Report and Accounts and Notice of Annual General Meeting on its website, instead of receiving those documents through the post

  • Cast your AGM proxy voting instructions electronically

  • Set up a dividend mandate online

  • Access information about your dividends

  • Change your registered postal address or your dividend mandate details online

  • Help us to reduce printing and postage costs and conserve environmental resources by choosing to view documents on the website instead of receiving them through the post

 To register for this free service, visit and follow the simple instructions.

You will need your shareholder reference number which can be found on your dividend tax voucher, proxy card and any other correspondence sent to you by Equiniti. If you cannot locate this number please contact Equiniti.