Severn Trent Green Power

Severn Trent Green Power Ltd ISO14001 accreditation and scope

Severn Trent Green Power Ltd has interests in generating renewable energy from crop digestion, food waste digestion, hydro-electric, solar and wind power. The scope of the formal environmental management system (EMS) shall be at the specified sites below, driven by the Strategic, Environmental & Improvement objectives and compliance obligations.

Stoke Bardolph Crop Anaerobic Digestion Plant 

Burton Joyce, Nottingham, NG14 5HL

  • Storage, reception and anaerobic digestion of energy crop; the dewatering of the resultant digestate products.
  • The production of electricity from the resulting biogas and/or the export of bio-methane to the grid from the above process.

Coleshill Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion Plant 

Marconi Way, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 1DA

  • Storage, reception and anaerobic digestion of food waste; production of PAS110 compliant digestate.
  • The production of electricity from the resulting biogas from the above process.

Exclusions and Extensions

Any additional food waste anaerobic digestion plants shall be added to the scope as soon as is reasonably practicable after commissioning and compliance accreditation.

Although the other activities contribute positively to STGP’s environmental impact, they are simple in nature do not require as much management and are therefore outside of the scope of this EMS.

Scope review

The scope of the EMS shall be reviewed as documented in the Management Review process or if:

  • If there is a change or planned change to Severn Trent Green Power’s operations or locations.
  • If there is a significant business event.

ST Green Power Environmental Policy

You can view and download our Enviromental Poilcy (PDF) here.


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