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The food recycling challenge

Every year in the UK several million tonnes of waste food from households, supermarkets and restaurants is thrown away and a proportion of this ends up going to landfill or travelling a number of miles to other treatment facilities. Severn Trent are capturing some of this food waste locally to generate clean, green renewable energy which will reduce carbon emissions as well as reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill in our region.

About Severn Trent Green Power

Severn Trent Green Power operate two Anaerobic Digestion food recycling facilities in the West Midlands, located in Coleshill and Stourbridge, with a third site in Derby due to open in 2018. These state of the art food waste recycling centres receive food waste from local companies, local authorities and the waste service industry and converts it into clean, green renewable energy and a nutrient rich biofertiliser.

Each one of our facilities are permitted to recycle 48,500 tonnes of food waste per year and can process both packaged and loose food waste as well as bulk liquid wastes.

The Coleshill plant produces renewable electricity whilst the Stourbridge and soon to open Derby plants produce biomethane, which is injected onto the gas grid. Each plant produces enough renewable energy to power approx 4500 homes per year and like our other digestion process’ they also produces a high quality biofertiliser for use on local farmland.

Our services

Our food waste recycling centres are ideally situated to offer cost effective and compliant food recycling services to business’ and local authorities across the Midlands.

Severn Trent offer food and beverage processors, local authorities, hospitals, schools, universities, the hospitality & catering sector, food retailers and waste management companies a compliant, cost effective and sustainable alternative to sending food waste either to landfill or on a long journey to treatment plants outside of the area.

Severn Trent have an environment agency permit to receive and recycle a wide range of solid and liquid food waste materials  including category 3 animal by-product wastes. We are able to recycle food waste such as:   

  • Food manufacturing by-products
  • Beverage and Brewery processing effluents
  • Household food waste
  • Retailer Food waste
  • Catering and Hospitality waste
  • Meat processing wastes

How it works

Food waste is delivered to our anaerobic digestion food recycling sites where it's weighed in, unloaded, depackaged, screened, fed to the digesters and pasteurised before being transformed into green electricity and a nutrient rich biofertiliser.

Severn Trent have decades of experience of operating anaerobic digestion facilities and for food waste recycling, use a proven process in which bacteria breaks down the organic food waste material in an enclosed atmosphere with the absence of oxygen, this is the process which produces biogas.

Once in the Severn Trent process, the food waste spends up to 3 months in digestion which maximises the generation of biogas from the food waste and ensures that the plant consistently produces a nutrient rich biofertiliser which is then returned to land in place of the fossil fuel derived fertilisers often used within agriculture. Our Coleshill plant was the first to be awarded the PAS 110 standard for the biofertiliser produced in the process.

Where we operate

Severn Trent offer a network of food recycling centers to servecustomers across the Midlands.

The first food waste recycling centre opened in January 2015 at Coleshill in the West Midlands. It is centrally located in the centre of the Midlands with easy access to the M42 and M6 motorways.

Severn Trent Green Power Coleshill

Coleshill Sewage Works

Marconi Way

Off Edison Road

Hams Hall Distribution Park


B46 1DA

Our second food recycling AD plant will open in April 2017. With convenient access to the M42 and M5 motorways it is in easy reach to serve customers in the West Midlands.

Severn Trent Green Power Roundhill

Roundhill Sewage Works

Lloyd Way




Severn Trents Derby food recycling AD plant will open in 2018. Located in the city og Derby the site is ideally sited to serve customers across the East Midlands, located just off of the A52, the site is within easy reach of the M1 motorway giving convenient access from Derby, Nottingham and central England.

ISO14001 Accreditation and scope

Get in touch

For more information or to see how Severn Trent can assist you with food recycling contact 0345 2661779 or email