We act with integrity

Being trusted means always doing the right thing for our customers, communities, investors, regulators and colleagues. This means that we will never tolerate fraud, bribery or corruption – and that we only ever work with suppliers and partners who care about this as much as we do.

Read our anti-bribery and anti-fraud policy for more information.

We believe it is important that employees feel able to speak up and are confident they can raise issues and concerns, whatever the nature. Openness and transparency are both key to this, and form part of how we want to do business. Sometimes, however, that isn’t enough, and this is where our Whistleblowing Policy comes into play. The process is easily accessed, widely communicated and acted upon.

Read our 'speak up' whistleblowing policy for more information.

We will invite the independent Water Forum to review and comment on our annual performance.

The Water Forum is an independently chaired, multi-stakeholder group that has a continuing role to challenge whether we are delivering our commitments to our customers, and how we communicate that performance. Over the past year the key areas of focus have been how we measure and share our AMP6 performance and the development of our assurance plan and risk statement. In both areas the Water Forum were invited to challenge our proposals and the insight they provided shaped our final approach. To gain greater understanding of our customers, Water Forum members were invited to attend customer research focus groups undertaken as part of the non-household retail tariff review programme. This will enable members to comment on the outputs of our research that will form part of our submission to Ofwat in July 2016. We are developing a new performance report that is aimed towards our household customers and will share our performance in a clear and accessible format. This is the first year it will be published and we will work to develop it throughout the AMP.

We will publish our consultation responses on our website.

We report annually on the initiatives we have taken to contribute. We have been at the forefront of contributing to the Government’s policy debate regarding the long term structure and regulation of the water industry. In our two most recent publications, Changing Course and Charting a Sustainable Course, we have developed and published ideas ranging from customer empowerment, affordability, resilience, flooding and drainage, sustaining the environment and the role of competition and markets. We are committed to working with all key stakeholders to ensure that we promote a constructive and engaging debate about the future of the water sector. Responding to public consultations is a key component of this debate and it is essential that we use these opportunities to share our views and to seek to shape the outcome. We also believe that it is imperative that our customers can see what we are saying and how we are working to safeguard these essential services for today and tomorrow. We achieve this by publishing our responses to consultations on our website so that customers can read and understand the issues that affect them.

Case Study: Performance management based on behaviours

Ensuring our employees ‘Do the Right Thing’ and act with integrity forms a crucial part of our performance management framework which is called ’Inspiring Great Performance’, with behaviours making up 50% of our performance rating. Inspiring Great Performance details our behaviour models and the behaviours you need to be a great colleague within Severn Trent. We truly want everyone to be the best they can be and to reach their full potential and Inspiring Great Performance is at the heart of helping everyone to do just this.