Ambition One: We will make our region the most water efficient in the UK

We aim to do this through providing advice, equipment and education.

We know water efficiency is important to our customers and we are committed to helping them to become more water efficient and have set ourselves an ambitious target to help them save 25 mega litres per day (Ml/d) by 2020. Through helping our customers and by continuing to reduce leakage we want to make our region the most water efficient in the UK.

As part of our standard service to our key corporate customers, we engage with them on water efficiency discussions and also conduct site audits to help them manage their water consumption and costs. In 2015/16 we provided this advice to 20 of our key corporate customers and conducted 54 site audits, including ASDA, Next and several large universities, and completed 280 water efficiency audits with smaller businesses in Nottingham. In addition to this, we are working to provide third party consultancy, at no cost to customers, in key parts of our region. This is a joint engagement between our wholesale and retail teams. We are developing a segmented customer approach to engagement depending on their size and water efficiency needs.

Our customers told us they want to better understand what we do. This year we set up our new Community Relationship Team who are focused on delivering two key messages: the importance of water efficiency, and ensuring our drains remain clean and blockage free. This work is really important in protecting our environment and our customers from pollutants and external and internal flooding. In 2015/16, through a number of partnerships including local universities and City Councils, we have been able to educate 117,728 customers, a number which we anticipate will increase substantially. These partnerships are mutually beneficial; preventing blockages proactively in both our customers’ networks and ours. Through education and training packages on water efficiency we also enable customers with the potential to reduce their water usage and therefore water bills. 

Case Study: New water efficiency home check programme

This year we launched our new water efficiency home check programme, starting in the Rugby area. Customers in and around the area can sign up for a free home check, where Severn Trent contractors, PN Daly, visit the customer’s home and fit free water saving devices, offer advice on how they can save water and check for simple leaks. This free service will help customers save water, energy and money. So far we’ve completed 5,590 home checks and we aim to deliver more in the future.