Company information
Supported by our clear purpose and vision, our strategy is to transform service, drive growth and shape our industry for customers, communities and investors.

Our strategy

Severn Trent has a growing asset base, from sustainable, efficient, long term investments in essential assets, on which it earns a regulated return. Our Business Services division provides exposure to higher growth, unregulated markets, both in the UK and Ireland, while still leveraging our core expertise of water and waste water.

How we do it

Embed customers at the heart of all we do

What we mean by this

We’ll improve the way in which customers engage with us through improved insight and understanding of what’s important to them.

Drive operational excellence and continuous innovation

What we mean by this

We’ll build a smart water and waste water network, develop our business intelligence and simplify our cross business processes.

Invest responsibly for sustainable growth

What we mean by this

We’ll develop an effective strategy which optimises our regulated asset base, whilst creating new growth opportunities for the future.

Change the market for the better

What we mean by this

We’ll embrace market opening in the UK and explore opportunities for growth in new water markets worldwide.

Create an awesome place to work

What we mean by this

We’ll create a culture of empowerment and accountability with a focus on skills, talent and career development.

Our market segments

Wholesale operations and engineering

What we mean by this

Regulated water and waste water infrastructure and non infrastructure assets.

Household customer services

What we mean by this

Customer services for household customers in the UK.

Business retail and operating services

What we mean by this

Customer and operating services for our business customers in the UK and overseas.

Green energy

What we mean by this

Renewable energy generation including gas to grid, food waste biodigestion, wind and solar power.

New water markets

What we mean by this

Opportunities in sludge trading, water trading and upstream competition.

Our values

We put our customers first

What we mean by this

We’re here for our customers 24/7. We want to create a relationship based on empathy and respect.

We are passionate about what we do

What we mean by this

We’re passionate about the work we do and our expertise. We go the extra mile for customers and team mates.

We act with integrity

What we mean by this

We strive to do the right thing by being transparent and honest in all that we do. We want to create a better future for all.

We protect our environment

What we mean by this

We’re committed to a cleaner, greener future, protecting and improving our environment for generations to come.

We are inspired to create an awesome company

What we mean by this

We’ll all work together to be creative and to make special things happen.