Wavemakers Terms and Conditions of Entry

Terms and Conditions of Entry

1. By entering the “Wavemakers” competition (“Competition”) you accept these rules ("Competition Rules") and agree to comply with them.

2. The Competition is being run by Severn Trent Limited (registered number 02366686, whose registered office is at Severn Trent Centre, 2 St Johns Street, Coventry CV1 2LZ) (“Severn Trent”),

3. The Competition will select leading innovations relating to water re-use and conservation (each an “Innovation”).

4. The Competition is open only to individuals in the Severn Trent supply area (which can be determined here: who are customers of Severn Trent. Anyone eligible may enter the Competition (becoming a “Participant”) by submitting a specification in any format via our application platform, leaving their full contact details including phone number and address, the name of the Innovation, between 1st April and 30th April 2022 (inclusive) (an “Entry”).

5. Only one Entry is allowed per Participant.

6. Each Entry and Innovation must be the Participant’s own original work and must not be copied, in whole or in part, from any other work. By entering the competition, you confirm that this is in fact the case.

7. Entries must be:

(a) of a file size of no more than 20 MB; and

(b) submitted in the format required by condition 4.

8. Late, incomplete, corrupt, or incorrectly submitted entries will not be accepted.

9.  A panel of judges from Severn Trent and our partners will choose up to ten Participants as finalists ("Finalists") and notify the Finalists by email on or around 16th May 2022. The panel's choices are final.  

10. The Finalists will be invited to collaborate with Severn Trent and Aston University, the University of Derby, and/or the University of Nottingham [STL1] (each a "Partner"), to try to develop the Innovation into a workable concept that could be used effectively for water re-use and conservation (an "Invention"). The collaboration will run for the period of 16th May to 8th July and may include activities such as use of Severn Trent’s and Partners’ facilities, support, and guidance (the "Collaboration").  In order to participate in the Collaboration, each Finalist must promise to keep any confidential information they access as part of the Collaboration secret.

11. A panel of judges from Severn Trent and its Partners will decide whether to select a Finalist as an overall winner (the "Winner") and may select more than one Winner. If a Winner is selected, the Winner will be announced at a ceremony to be held at the Severn Trent Academy, Finham, Coventry on 13th July 2022.  To have a chance of becoming a Winner, the Finalist must attend the ceremony.  

12. The Competition prizes will be as follows:

(a) each Finalist will receive structured online and face to face learning and be invited to attend our Severn Trent academy;

(b) in addition, any Winner will receive a cash prize or full funding for one years' university, college, or other technical education in the UK.

Development of the Invention and intellectual property

13. Any and all trademarks, patents, copyright and other intellectual property rights ("Intellectual Property") belonging to Severn Trent or any of its Partners shall remain their property, even if they are shared with you and/or used in the Collaboration. If you become a Finalist and Severn Trent or its Partners do share their Intellectual Property with you and/or use it in the Collaboration, you may only use it for the Collaboration.

14. Except under condition 13 above, Innovations (including all Intellectual Property in them) will be owned by the Participant. By submitting your Entry, you agree that, if you become a Finalist, Severn Trent, its Partners, and each of their associated companies and agents may use and allow other people to use the whole or any part of the Innovation, in any media, in any part of the world for any purpose related to water re-use and conservation, and/or for not-for-profit academic learning and research. This right is non-exclusive (so you can continue to freely use your Innovation yourself), will not end, and will be free of charge.

15. Except under conditions 13 and 14 above, any Invention will be the property of Severn Trent.  You may freely use any Invention you worked on in a Collaboration, but only for purposes that are not related to water re-use and conservation (unless Severn Trent gives you separate written permission for a particular activity).  Your right to use the Invention will also be non-exclusive, will not end, and will be free of charge.

16. We may need you to help us with applications and filings to protect the Intellectual Property referred to above and, if you become a Finalist, you must promise to provide us with this help.

Your data

17. Personal data will be collected and processed in accordance with Severn Trent's privacy policy and used for the purposes set out in these Competition Rules. You can obtain a copy of the policy from our website at (either using the drop-down contents or downloading the PDF).  The University or Universities you work with in this competition may also be responsible for processing your personal data and you should have the option of checking to ensure that they process your personal data according to the relevant applicable laws. 


18. The competition and these rules are governed by English law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. Severn Trent's decision in all matters is final and binding and correspondence will not be entered into. Entering the Competition
will mean you have accepted these rules.

19. The competition may be closed, or its rules varied by Severn Trent at any time without notice and without liability.

20. If you have any questions, please email them to