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Water resources management plan

Every five years we produce a Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP).

The plan sets out how we intend to provide supplies of water to our customers over the next 25 years and beyond. It consists of several elements, including;

  • A 25 year demand forecast. This describes how much water customers will need in the future, considering factors such as climate change and population.
  • A 25 year supply forecast. This sets out how much water is available for use now and how this may change in the future. We consider the impact of climate change and potential reductions in the volume of water we are allowed to take from rivers and groundwater.
  • An assessment of the options to manage demand including leakage reduction.


Thank you for your views


In May 2013, we consulted with a wide range of stakeholders on our draft WRMP.

Thank you to everyone who responded. In total we received responses from 18 different organisations, who gave us valuable feedback. We listened to these stakeholders’ views, and as a result, we revised some aspects of our long term strategy. In November 2013 we published our revised draft WRMP to make clear how and where stakeholders' views have shaped our thinking, Appendix F to the revised plan included a full list of the issues and comments received along with our Statement of Response to them.

In May 2014 we were notified that the Secretary of State was satisfied that we have properly considered and addressed the representations made on our draft plan. As a result we are now publishing our final WRMP.

You can view the full suite of supporting documents here.

Previous consultations and information

To help inform our draft WRMP we undertook a programme of preconsultation to understand your views and priorities.

Our Statement of Response also addresses comments received on our Strategic Environmental Assessment of the WRMP. Our original SEA can be downloaded and our HRA is available by request by emailing future.consultation@severntrent.co.uk.

Our final water resources management plan