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Delivering excellent customer service

Our aim is to give all our customers,  a positive experience of working with Severn Trent. If we do this, they will value our work.

Our principles

We want our customers to trust and value the service we provide to them, meeting and exceeding their expectations every time we deal with them.

We go the extra mile to ensure the services and products we offer are consistently excellent, reliable, safe and appropriate. We do our utmost to make it easy for our customers to contact us, dealing speedily, efficiently and sympathetically with their enquiries and concerns, being honest and open and taking personal ownership for solving their problems.

Why it matters

  • Customers have choice and access to information that helps them choose. Our products and services must be consistently excellent in order to give customers confidence in the service we provide.

  • We aim to give customers a lifetime of positive experiences and leave them feeling valued. If we do this, we will please our customers and they will recommend us to others.

Customer experience

Customers experience of dealing with Severn Trent Water is measured through Ofwat’s Service Incentive Mechanism (SIM). Our SIM score is based on the number of times customers have to contact us and the quality of service we deliver. While we’re better than average for the number of contacts, the quality of service has not been as good as it should be. We’ve done a lot over the last year to correct this including:

  • Fixing problems before customers have to contact us.

  • Resolving problems first time around.

  • Providing customers with more communication channels to stay in touch.

In Severn Trent Services it is equally important to ensure customers have a good experience. We regularly monitor our customers experience and report this data to the CR Committee. We have begun conducting ‘Voice of the Customer’ surveys across our business using external consultants to survey and benchmark the results.

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