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We aspire to be the most trusted water company. To achieve this takes dedication, skill and a team of thousands. If you have the talent to help, speak up.

Developing your career

You might be visiting this website because you’re looking to grow in your current role or thinking about the next step in your career. Either way, we can help you to go with the flow. This is how we can ensure that you keep developing.

Family Friendly: We understand that becoming a parent, growing your family or looking after those who mean the most to you can be life changing and we want to support you whilst you adjust to the changes in your family and work life. We’re proud of the support we offer and we know that family friendly policies are important.

Diverse activities: from repairing Victorian assets to integrating new kinds of technology into our network, we’re involved in a variety of different projects that will stretch your knowledge and skills to the limit.

Free movement: we encourage our people to try out different roles within our organisation, according to their skills and interests. If you want to gain new experiences to add to your portfolio, here, you can.

Tracking performance: we conduct regular, rigorous performance reviews with all of our staff, helping them to understand their abilities and how best to support their progression.

Training: we ensure that everyone here has the technical and professional competencies they need to deliver on their potential. 


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Contact the Recruitment Team 

If you've any questions or queries for the recruitment team at Severn Trent, you can contact them on 02477 716799 or email


If you have any questions relating to graduate, undergraduate opportunities you can email the team directly at or for apprentice opportunities you can
contact the team at