Theresa Pemble

IT Delivery Centre Manager

What does your current role involve?

I am responsible for all IT project and programme delivery across the whole business.

How did you start out at Severn Trent? What’s your career path been?

I came in as Test Centre Manager, as I already had the appropriate skills and capability within IT.  My role was to establish a team, support a complex IT estate and capability and capacity for software testing.

I was given the opportunity to progress and grow due to the hard work I’d put in. I was given the added responsibility of IT project delivery.

How has working at Severn Trent met or challenged your expectations?

I really enjoy working with people and the results you achieve from those who are working with you. I enjoy coaching and mentoring and giving the team the appropriate accreditations. Severn Trent has given me the opportunity to develop. l’ve learnt from my successes and from some things I could have done differently.

There have been many learning opportunities and, as a company, it’s been supportive, and there’s lots of in-house training which identifies the right training for you to develop. Plus, I’ve been fortunate enough to gain a professional qualification within my IT discipline.

What do you like the most about Severn Trent?

It’s friendly and supportive with great people who are commercially focused. They’re driven by being more efficient with our processes. It's a collaborative culture.

What have you found most enjoyable?

I’ve had a lot of recognition for the effort I’ve put in. I’ve had great job opportunities and I’ve grown in my role by the credible development plan I was given.

One of the main highlights was when I was named Team Leader of the Year for all of Severn Trent, by my own people.

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to the next step in my career path as I want to progress further. It’s a brilliant environment to work in, and of course the technology.