Watch Rose talk through her experiences as a Severn Trent graduate, from the opportunities to develop her skills to the daily variety in her role.

Rose - Business Leadership

MSc Astrophysics, University of Sheffield

"I've been given a so much responsibility, like meeting with the execs or presenting my ideas on strategy."

While studying for my PhD, I decided I didn't want a highly-specialised scientific career. And I was disappointed by my first job in finance – I found it too restrictive. That's why I applied to Severn Trent. The Business Leadership Scheme is perfect for me. I still get to use my science knowledge but I'm also developing new leadership skills. I've been given so much responsibility, like meeting with the execs or presenting my ideas on strategy – and I like that I can make that commercial impact.

As well as interesting projects across the business, I've had some great opportunities outside my day job, like volunteering at Glastonbury. But one of the best projects I've been involved with is Water Champions. I helped design and build a public garden in a derelict space with a team. We owned the whole project – contacting suppliers, fundraising in the community and looking into health and safety. Our garden got 180,000 visitors last year – I'm really proud of that.

On my next placement I'll be a service delivery manager at a sewage treatment site. I'm looking forward to the challenge of leading a big team on the ground. It'll be a lot more operational than what I'm doing now, so it's an exciting opportunity for me to develop more skills and get hands-on with a totally different type of project.