Watch Irren discuss her project-based roles at Severn Trent and how the Graduate Programme changed her views on her own career direction.

Irren - Business Leadership

BSc Psychology, Loughborough University

"Your training at Severn Trent will prepare you to be a future leader in the business."

If you’re not sure what you want to specialise in straight away – like lots of graduates – the Business Leadership Programme is perfect. It opens your eyes to leadership opportunities that you might not have considered, or even known about. Because you do three placements in three different business areas here, you get a really broad picture of Severn Trent and where your skills can make the biggest impact.

I’m now on a year-long placement as an infrastructure improvement analyst, based in the flooding performance team. It’s a project-based role, so I’m often out of the office, visiting our sites and meeting the operational teams. There’s a great balance between travelling to different locations, and getting your head down to do some number crunching at head office. There are loads of charity events to get involved in as well. I recently did a WaterAid Mountain Challenge – lots of the graduates got involved.

I think that being a good leader is about knowing your strengths and understanding your team. Your training at Severn Trent will prepare you to become a future leader in the business, and there are so many opportunities to take on new projects and learn new things – you just have to be proactive and go and find them. I’ve just worked on a graduate strategic challenge sponsored by the executive team: we looked at new performance targets and presented our ideas to the CEO. It was such a great experience to have so early on in my career.