Elliot talks about the unique engineering opportunities in water and how working on high-profile projects from week one has already shaped his career.

Elliot- Technical Leadership

BEng Mechanical Engineering, Swansea University

"Engineers are trusted to deliver on high-profile projects from week one."

If you’re a mechanical engineer like me, you could build a career in all sorts of industries, from food to defence. But if you want my advice, work in water. It’s a really exciting time to be in the industry and there’s more to it than you think. There’s the increasing challenge to be innovative, and we’re also a leading provider of renewable energy, so you feel like you’re making a difference.

Severn Trent really invests in your career development. If there’s something specific you want to get involved with, the answer is usually ‘yes’. When I started the programme, I wanted to get some early operational experience, so my manager arranged for me to spend time working out on a sewage treatment works. Getting to grips with the operational side of the business from the ground up taught me so much more than I could find in a textbook.

Now I’m working as part of a solutions team on a waste water treatment site. We’re investigating new housing developments in the Midlands, so we can look at how population growth impacts on the work we need to do. I’m part of a team with lots of senior engineers, so I’m exposed to people with years of experience. That’s what I love about being a graduate here. You’re not doing work that’s assigned ‘just to the grads’, you’re trusted to deliver on high-profile projects.