Hear from Severn Trent graduate Alexandra as she talks about the many responsibilities she’s been given and how industry changes are affecting her role.

Alexandra - Technical Leadership

MEng Chemical Engineering, University of Manchester

"At Severn Trent, there are no limits to what you can learn about and get involved in."

I loved the water related elements of the modules I studied at university, so I knew Severn Trent was definitely going to be a good choice for me. It’s a FTSE-100 company in a great location and they offer opportunities for engineers to dip their toes into different areas, from the business and commercial side to more operational or design focussed areas, like leakage and process efficiencies. Being an engineer, you have really high levels of responsibility at Severn Trent. You’re involved in the design and construction of assets, providing specialist advice and you have to constantly protect the environment. I find that really exciting.

I work on such a variety of projects, including designing assets and working with contractors across our whole supply chain as the expert client. You get the chance to spend time with lots of people from different companies. We work really closely with our supply chain partners – even working in the same office together – and you can even apply for secondments with some of them to help towards your Chartership. The business encourages and promotes this, so you can forge your own path and develop your technical expertise. At Severn Trent, there are no limits to what you can learn about and get involved in.

There’s a great culture and leadership team here. Whether I’m out on-site talking to operators, or in the office working with project teams and engineers to develop strategic solutions, everyone here is supportive, friendly and loves what they do. With new regulations coming in and the market opening, there are lots of new challenges ahead. There’s never a better time to join as an engineering graduate.