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Our Graduate & Undergraduate Schemes 2019

Do something that really matters

We think water’s wonderful. It plays a critical role in all our lives. It’s the shower that wakes us up, the hot bath that relaxes us before bed. We cook with it… grow gardens with it… have fun with it. Oh yes, and it keeps us alive! It's a precious resource and in future, as our population continues to grow, we'll need much more of it. By taking care of it, we can make sure there's always plenty to go round so that everyone experiences the wonder of water – today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Joining our Graduate Leadership Programmes and Undergraduate Placements will give you the chance to keep our wonderful water flowing to over eight million customers – and find fresh solutions for the challenges we face.

We are now accepting 2019 applications for the schemes below, click into the roles to find out more and apply!

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