crane in the water
From your morning cup of tea to your bedtime bath, water is at the heart of everything we do. Without it, life as we know it wouldn’t exist. Help us make life happen.

Why Severn Trent?

Leave a lasting legacy in a transforming industry

Our schemes will give you immediate exposure to unrivalled learning opportunities and technical challenges. Working with leading experts, you’ll be involved in a huge range of end-to-end projects and gain an in-depth understanding of the way our business works. Throughout your placements you’ll get all the support you need to develop your technical knowledge and skills, build an incredible professional network and seek out new experiences.  

To help us create an outstanding customer experience, deliver environmental leadership and take on the technical challenges of the 21st century, we need Apprentices who can think differently and push boundaries. With global issues like climate change and population growth becoming increasingly complex, keeping our business running takes serious talent, ambition and a fresh perspective. If you want to shape the future of the water industry Severn Trent is the place for you.

Wonderful place to work 

From accelerated leadership training, to hands-on experience and involvement in community projects, there are so many wonderful reasons to work at Severn Trent. Here’s our top five:

We're committed to promoting social mobility 

Recognised as one of the Top 20 companies in the Social Mobility Employer Index 2018 and working to launch 'The Skills Tap' Report with The Social Mobility Pledge, we're commited to supporting our communities in social mobility cold spots.

Social mobility - supporting our apprentices

Hear what our apprentices think about Severn Trent.