Jack - Advanced Utilities Engineering Technician



“This is a great place to learn – and an incredible place to build a career.” Jack, Advanced Utilities Engineering Technician

I always wanted to be an Engineer. I loved studying maths and science at school; I just needed to find a way to put those skills to use, in a practical way. Severn Trent was the place to do that. They’re a household name – a big business with a big reputation. When I found out about the apprenticeship, I knew this was the right choice for me.

Everything was laid out for me from the start. There was an intensive period of study and training, followed by hands-on projects, which is exactly what I wanted to do. Nothing’s dumbed down – you’re given the same work as everyone else. You could say we were dropped in the deep end but we also had all of the support we needed. Even though it was hard, I really felt like I was part of something.

I’m working on about 10 projects at the moment, some of them with very big budgets. The scale and scope of the work here is massive: you design and plan solutions, then see them being constructed. Amongst other things, I’m currently solving sewer flooding issues and upgrading some of our hydraulic models using computer software. The best part of the job is watching those plans become a reality: Severn Trent is also always keen to get you out on site, which is really inspiring.