Bethaney - Utilities Operational Technician



“At Severn Trent you can go anywhere you want to go – you’ll be completely supported.” Bethaney, Utilities Operational Technician

For the past couple of months I’ve been running a waste water site in Derbyshire. I’m the main decision-maker, doing lots of on-site testing to find solutions for any faults we identify. I was given this level of responsibility after one year with Severn Trent. It was daunting at first but I was ready for the challenge. There’s a huge support network, so you don’t ever feel you’re on your own. I really enjoy managing my own projects out in the countryside – I get to see everything come to life.

The most challenging part of my role is the level of problem solving involved. You have to think on your feet and quickly come up with logical ways to fix things. I feel a huge sense of
accomplishment when I’ve done a job well. A colleague recently thanked me for turning the performance of my site around so quickly. Things like that make me love my job. There’s a strange misconception that girls have to be tomboys to be engineers, but it’s not true. You can just be yourself – and if you’ve got talent, you’ll be a successful Engineer no matter what.

I’d say to anyone thinking of joining one of the Apprentice schemes to go for it and once you’re here, make sure you push for opportunities. And don’t ever be afraid to ask to get involved with something: the answer is usually yes and you’ll learn so much. At Severn Trent, you can take your career anywhere you want it to go; the business will always support you to do what you want to do. In my opinion, if you’re not applying to be an Apprentice here, you’re missing out!