Our Utilities Operational Technicians maintain the systems and machinery that Severn Trent uses to bring clean water to our customers.

Utilities Operational Technician Scheme - Closed 

Be part of a vital and changing industry

The main roles within this occupation involve working on water supply and treatment, water networks and leakage, sewerage and waste water.

What you'll be doing

Having completed an intensive residential period of off-the-job training, where you’ll have gained a high level of knowledge to support your transition into operational placements, you’ll have the opportunity to start tackling real, technical projects. Water Process Technicians could work in a number of different areas.  Examples of some activities are:

Utilities Ops Technician – Treatment

You’ll carry out essential treatment works, including chemical dosing, filtration and disinfection, and discover the science behind creating a safe water supply.  

Utilities Ops Technician – Network

You’ll develop an in-depth understanding of our network and the equipment that holds it together, analysing its structure and finding innovative ways to improve performance.

Utilities Ops Technician – Leakage

You’ll learn all about hydraulics theory and use it to test, alter and set-up meter areas, helping us to become a more efficient and environmentally-friendly business.

Utilities Ops Technician – Sewerage Network

You’ll get under the surface of our operations, doing hands-on work in confined spaces, inspecting underground systems and keeping them properly maintained.

Utilities Ops Technician – Waste Water Treatment

You’ll make sure thousands of people, every day, have access to clean water, carrying out vital processes including screening, settlement and biological treatment.

How we'll support you
Training and Development

Your rotation placements will allow you to develop the skills and experience that you’ll require to become an expert here, either through working in operational teams or on technical projects. During this time, you’ll combine on-the-job learning with formal, nationally recognised development training modules and have the opportunity to gain a range of NVQ Level 3 Qualifications.

To help you drive and own your career progression, we’ll provide you with Personal Development Plan. This will be set and agreed with your line manager and reviewed regularly to inform your bi-annual performance reviews.  


Due to the high application numbers recieved for this role we are now closed for new applications for 2018.