Assistant Water Network Technician Scheme

Become an instrumental part of a team looking after one of life’s essentials in a global organisation. You’ll be part of a team that will stretch you, grow your problem solving skills and connect us with communities across the UK. This role is based in Staverton, Gloucester, GL2 9QL.

What you'll be doing

Having completed an intensive residential period of on-the-job training, where you’ll have gained a high level of technical knowledge to support your transition into operational placements, you’ll have the opportunity to start putting your skills to use. Our Assistant Water Network Technicians perform vital problem solving on our network to ensure we find consumption and detect leaks ensuring the network runs efficiently and safely, as well as supporting other disciplines.

Examples of some activities are:

Leakage Detection

You’ll get to grips with core theory and principles of identifying non-visible underground leaks, turning detective by using different tools, techniques and technologies to track down and pinpoint leaks. Working outside in all weathers on the highway you’ll learn how to arrange for the safe repair of the leaks by considering the risks and requirements of the repair and maintenance crews that need to excavate and repair them.

Network Data

You’ll find out about the data required to understand water leakage and water consumption and the equipment in the ground used to capture that data. You’ll learn how to problem solve faults on meters and loggers, repairing faults and wiring up loggers to ensure the data keeps flowing into our data centres to ensure we have visibility of what’s happening on the water network.

Operating the Water Network

Working outside in all weathers you’ll learn how to safely operate the water network, ensuring that water is always on and good to drink for our customers. Working on the highways and footways of our communities. Operative valves and   

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The role is based in Staverton, Gloucester, GL2 9QL.