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Developing our WRMP

To ensure the development of our plan is accessible to all our stakeholders we have also undertaken additional consultation over the last year:

We believe we will develop better plans if we listen to the people we serve. The statutory water resources planning guidance sets out minimum requirements for consultation as we develop our plan. We have ensured we have undertaken all the requirements as set out by the guidance and you can download our SEA scoping consultation, resource sharing consultation and pre-consultation documents from the links on this page, as well as our draft WRMP that we consulted on.


  • As part of our business planning process we published Making the right choices, a consultation document asking   for your views about the priorities we should tackle from 2015–2020 and beyond in our business plans.
  • To support our written consultation, we held a series of workshops for our stakeholders with one focused on water services. You can find out more about these here.


We also engaged with our customers through market research and focus groups to understand what their views are. Our customers can see how their choices could impact bills at Lets talk water.