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                                                                                                  The Water Forum is an independent, expert panel that challenges

                                                                                                             Severn Trent to listen and respond better to customers.

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We have provided constructive challenge to Severn Trent in the development of the 2020-25 business plan.

We act in customers' best interests by challenging Severn Trent to consult their customers about important topics, from affordability to the environment, and gain their honest views. We then ensure their opinions and key customer issues are fully understood and reflected in Severn Trent's business plan.

Our role

listen and respond

An introduction to the Water Forum 

Customers said... Severn Trent acted

In previous years, the Water Forum has encouraged dialogue between customers and Severn Trent, resulting in real progress.

Here are a few examples of what we helped Severn Trent achieve as they planned for 2015-20.

Experts with different perspectives

The Water Forum has an independent Chair. There are 11 other Forum members who have either a statutory remit, a key interest in the water industry, or provide specialist knowledge to support and challenge the delivery of Severn Trent's current plan, and the development of its next business plan (2020-25).

Download minutes from Water Forum meetings

The Water Forum is committed to being transparent and independent.

It usually meets quarterly to discuss important issues relating to the company's next business plan. You can download the minutes of the meetings here as they become available.

You can view the Water Forum's terms of reference PDF here.