About us

Your water. Your choices.

Our consultation process

We carried out a major consultation about the future of your water and waste water services.

In our  consultation named 'Your water. Your choices.' we set out 10 long-term objectives to meet our customers' and stakeholders' expectations.

We asked for your views on how far we should progress towards our objectives over the current AMP (2015-20). This was a critical question as it affected service and charges.

The  formal consultation is available as a PDF here.


To support our written consultation we held a series of roundtables for our stakeholders to discuss some of the issues in Your water. Your Choices. 

You can view a record of the discussions (produced by the consultants who facilitated the roundtables) below:

Previous consultations 

During the consultation, we talked to over 7,000 customers and stakeholders about what they expect from us in the future. This includes two earlier consultations: our initial consultation and Making the right choices .

You can read our summary of what we've heard so far in Your views.

What else did we do?

Find out more about how we consulted in our timetable.

A big thank you to everyone who has been involved.